Pressure Transducers tolerate spikes without damage.

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Schaevitz® Bonded Foil Strain Gages are available in 0-75 to 10,000 psi and temperature range of -65 to 250ºF, compensated to -4 to 185ºF. Pressure transducers feature Over Travel Stop for diaphragm, which enables sensor to handle at least 5x full scale over-range pressure spikes without damage or drift. Design affords thermal isolation to high temp transients, shock loads, and vibration, allowing use in military, aerospace, and industrial applications.

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New Pressure Transducer for Extreme Environments

Schaevitz® Pressure Transducers Provide Maximum Resolution at Target Pressure Range in Harsh Conditions

July 1, 2006, Hampton, VA - Measurement Specialties manufactures Schaevitz® brand pressure transducers for the harshest environmental conditions which provide maximum resolution at the required measured pressure range. These transmitters are built using rugged bonded foil strain gage (BFSG) technology, time-tested for industrial and military applications.

The key to this capability is a unique pressure overload protection for the diaphragm called the Over Travel Stop (OTS). OTS enables the sensing element to handle a minimum of five-times full scale over-range pressure spikes without damage or drift.

Unlike competitive technologies which use increased amplifier gain at the cost of lower resolution, increased noise, and higher signal-to-noise ratios, Schaevitz® BFSG pressure transmitters allow users to order based on the target range without fear of damage due to spikes. For example, instead of ordering a 5000 psi device to measure pressure in the 500 to 1000 psi range with spikes of 5000-10,000 psi, a user could specify a Schaevitz BFSG transducer rated to 1000 psi. The Schaevitz® BFSG pressure transmitters offer high accuracy and long-term stability without degradation or failure.

This unique design also affords thermal isolation to high temperature transients, shock loads and vibration, allowing Bonded Foil Strain Gages to be used in extreme military, aerospace, and industrial applications.

Common applications include:

o Military and commercial aircraft, including cabin pressure and engine monitoring

o Submarine applications, including torpedo launch tube monitoring, torpedo depth sensing, and submarine primary depth measuring

o Automotive, including vehicle brake system monitoring and test stands

o Pulp and paper mills
Power generation

o Off-shore oil exploration

o Steel and aluminum rolling mills

Schaevitz® Bonded Foil Strain Gages are available in pressure ranges from 0-75 PSI through 10,000 PSI, with accuracy to <+/- .08% F.R.O. Operating temperature ranges from -65 º F to 250 º F, compensated to -4 º F to 185º F. All materials are compatible with 17-4 pH stainless steel. CE Certified; EMI/RFI shielding is standard.

About Measurement Specialties

Measurement Specialties, Inc. designs and manufactures sensors and sensor-based systems. The Company produces a wide variety of sensors and transducers to measure precise ranges of physical characteristics including pressure, temperature, position, force, vibration, humidity and photo optics. Measurement Specialties uses multiple advanced technologies - including piezoresistive, electro-optic, electro-magnetic, capacitive, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), piezoelectric polymers and strain gages - to engineer sensors that operate precisely and cost effectively.

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