Pressure Transducer provides analog and digital output.

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Model PDCR 3500, 1 in. dia, fluid isolated, analog output device achieves total accuracy of better than ±0.1% FS over -65 to +250°F. Internal digital electronics correct for repeatable errors without affecting analog bandwidth. Due to internal microprocessor electronics, unit can also give digital pressure output in engineering units via RS485, which is also used for re-calibration, serial number retrieval, and diagnostics.

Original Press Release:

The PDCR 3500 - A High Accuracy Analog and Digital Output Pressure Transudcer

New Fairfield, CT -- December 4, 2002-- GE Druck, a division of GE Industrial Systems, announced today the initial release of the PDCR 3500 high accuracy analog AND digital output pressure transducer.

The PDCR 3500 offers a unique capability of digitally enhanced, high accuracy output coupled with high analog bandwidth. The transducer is a 1-inch diameter fluid isolated analog output device similar to the PMP 4000 Series. It achieves a total accuracy performance of better than ± 0.1% FS over -65° to 250°F with the support from internal digital electronics, which correct for the repeatable errors without affecting the analog bandwidth.

Due to internal microprocessor electronics, the PDCR 3500 can also give a digital pressure output in engineering units via RS485. The RS485 is also used for re-calibration and housekeeping activities such as serial number retrieval and diagnostics.

The PDCR 3500 is therefore two transducers in one. Customers can use either the analog or digital output (or both) depending on the requirements of their application.

The PDCR 3500 has been developed for a flight test application on the new Airbus A380 passenger aircraft. In excess of 1000 transducers will be used in the aircraft flight test program.

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