Pressure Sensors feature 4 volt and millivolt outputs.

Press Release Summary:

Miniature sensors, offered in pc board mountable package, offer one or two pressure ports for use with 1/16 in. tubing. Pressure ranges are available from 1 in. w.g. FS to 30 in. w.g. FS. Their package measures 0.5 x 0.6 in. with 4 electrical leads. Sensors are available choice of output proportional to gage or differential pressure and employ electrical cross-coupling compensation. Applications include hand held manometers and HVAC airflow monitoring applications.

Original Press Release:

Miniature Size Pressure Sensors 4-Volt & Millivolt Outputs

August, 2002

All Sensors Corporation of San Jose, California has announced the introduction of three new Miniature Pressure Sensors:
1. Amplified Miniature with 4-volt calibrated and compensated output.
2. Compensated Miniature with a calibrated millivolt output.
3. Basic Miniature with a millivolt output.

Package features: The sensors are offered in a pc board mountable package with one or two pressure ports for use with 1/16" tubing. Pressure ranges are available from one-inch water full scale to thirty-inch water full scale. The package is 0.5" by 0.6" with four electrical leads. This package offers the user the smallest size for low pressure sensing available in the industry.

Electrical features: The sensors are available with a 4-volt or a millivolt output proportional to either gage or differential pressure. Output offset voltage errors are all significantly reduced by electrical cross-coupling compensation employed within the sensor. The sensors are calibrated and compensated. Special testing and compensation is available for customer specific applications.

Typical Applications: The sensors are ideal for hand held manometers, medical diagnostics, air breathing equipment, and HVAC airflow monitoring applications.

A data sheet for the sensors can be downloaded from the companies website at Most versions are available from stock.

For additional information, please contact:
Dennis Dauenhauer...(408) 225-4314 x201...fax (408) 225-2079.

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