Pressure Sensor targets acoustic/microphone applications.

Press Release Summary:

Fiber optic Model FOP-MA has resolution as low as 0.0075 psi, frequency response up to 30 kHz, and operating temperature of -20 to 150°C. With 1.25 mm OD tip and 155 µm OD fiber optic cable, unit is tolerant to cable bending and insensitive to high levels of EMI/RFI interferences.

Original Press Release:

FISO Technologies Introduces The First Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor Based For Acoustics Applications

Insensitive to EMI interferences, the FOP-MA allows the measurement of parameters where other technology fails.

QUEBEC, QC - June 3, 2005 - FISO Technologies, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality fiber optic sensors and measurement systems for R&D and industrial applications introduces the FOP-MA, a fiber optic pressure sensor designed for used in acoustics or microphones applications, or whenever a very sensitive pressure sensor is needed.

FISO Technologies has developed the FOP-MA pressure sensor as a result of its efforts to satisfy the most demanding applications, such as those found in acoustics or microphones applications. This new fully optical pressure sensor has extremely small dimensions (1.25 mm O.D. tip, 155 µm O.D. fiber optic cable), is tolerant to cable bending and totally insensitive to high levels of electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency (RFI) interferences, which effects have typically plagued critical pressure measurement until now. The device has a resolution as low as 0.0075 psi (0.003 psi optional), frequency response up to 30 kHz and can operate from -20°C to 150°C.

According to Mr. Francois Pelletier, Vice-President Sales and Marketing at FISO Technologies, "the new FOP-MA fiber optic pressure sensor will change the way people work by allowing them to measure parameters that could, until now, only be calculated."

"Fiber optic sensors using Fabry-Perot interferometry are currently highly-desired on the market because of their great versatility, their high performance and their wide dynamical range. Our dedicated engineering team was able to come up with an innovative product that will greatly support military and security specialist in their search for an undetectable product that will deliver reliable and accurate measurement at all times. Moreover, the sensor has been designed in a way so that some technical specifications can without a doubt be surpassed with slight modification of the product, whenever the customer's application needs higher temperature ranges, smaller dimensions or better sensitivity." adds Mr. Luc Langlois, Product Line Manager.

About FISO Technologies, Inc:
Incorporated in 1994, FISO Technologies' has been focusing on customer satisfaction and introduction of leading-edge optical contact measurement products and solutions using proprietary white-light interferometry techniques. The Company's products are sold worldwide through a network of representatives and distributors.

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