Pressure Sensor aids high-torque diesel engine development.

Press Release Summary:

Used to measure pressure in diesel engine glow plug adapters, 6056AU20 operates over -20 to +350°C range and withstands pressures up to 300 bar. Reinforced diaphragm makes unit suited for applications where nominal pressure exceeds 200 bar and extreme pressure increases are also to be expected. Exhibiting natural frequency of 160 kHz, sensor delivers non-linearity of less than ±0.4 FSO.

Original Press Release:

New High-Temperature Sensor Type 6056AU20

Measurement of cylinder pressure, for example using glow plug adapters, has made the development of economical high-torque diesel engines possible for the first time. Sensor development has been also been ongoing to keep pace with the higher pressures in these engines. One sensor that meets the requirements of temperature and pressure up to 300 bar is the 6056AU20. It therefore supplements the basic Type 6056A..., whose design catering for pressures up to 250 bar already covers many applications.

The high-temperature sensor for cylinder pressure measurement in a glow plug adapter is now also available with a reinforced diaphragm.

The new sensor Type 6056AU20 has been added to the existing basic Type 6056A... for use in the glow plug adapter. The new sensor was developed especially for high pressure rise rates or very high peak pressures. Type 6056AU20 is therefore recommended for applica-tions in which the pressure exceeds 200 bar and in which extreme pressure increases are also to be expected.

The properties and external dimensions of the sensor are largely identical with the specifica-tions of basic Type 6056A... Reinforcement of the diaphragm means that it is now possible to measure maximum pressures of up to 300 bar.

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