Pressure Sensitive Mat offers kiosk auto-locking solution.

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Placed on floor in front of workstation or kiosk, ProxMat provides means for locking systems when users walk away. USB-based pressure sensitive mat is programmed to initiate proper key sequence for locking system to ensure that no personal information is exposed. ProxMat comes in several sizes and finishes to meet needs of any situation, and is also suited for healthcare environments where HIPAA compliance and locking of unattended workstations is essential.

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ComputerProx Announces the Addition of ProxMat to Its Line of Automated Locking Solutions

The new ProxMat gives kiosk and workstation users the means to automatically lock the system when walking away

CHICAGO, Feb. 25 -- HIMSS 08 Annual Conference & Exhibition -- ComputerProx, the leader in post authentication solutions, today announced the general availability of ProxMat, the industry's first USB based pressure sensitive mat for automated workstation locking.

Recognizing that today's PC based kiosk environments require a balance between security and ease of use, the ProxMat helps automate the session ending process by locking the kiosk thus assuring no personal information is exposed. Using the ProxMat adds a new dimension of convenience to kiosks by signing off the user or locking the workstation as soon as they step away. Kiosk manufacturers now have the flexibility to offer solutions in high traffic areas and still provide user privacy and security.

The ProxMat is placed on the floor in front of the workstation or Kiosk. When the user leaves the proximity of the kiosk, the ProxMat ends the session without any user intervention. "The ProxMat is an enabling technology," said Tom Crowley, Vice President of ComputerProx. "Much of the anxiety using publicly placed kiosks, surround user privacy. By automating the session ending process, users are assured none of their personal information is left behind." The ProxMat is also a great solution for healthcare environments where HIPAA compliance and locking of unattended workstations is essential.

Easy To Use Out of the Box Solution

For the kiosk developer, the implementation couldn't be easier. ProxMat connects via the USB and the operating system identifies it as a keyboard. No additional drivers are needed. The developer simply defines the keystrokes used to end the session and using the ComputerProx KIT (Keyboard Interface Technology) programs them into the ProxMat. Now each time a user leaves the kiosk, the ProxMat will initiate the proper key sequence and lock the system. The ProxMat comes in several sizes and finishes to meet any unique situation.

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See a demonstration of DocLok at HIMSS 08 Annual Conference & Exhibition at RFIDeas' booth, #4647.

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