Pressure Sensitive Adhesives target electronic market.

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MACbond® IR Series double-coated tapes offer high tack for solid bond. Moisture-stable liner keeps adhesive layer clean and flat, protecting against dust, dirt, and other particles. MACfilm® IF Series rubber and acrylic free films provide edge-to-edge bonding to variety of substrates. MACmount® IM Series double-coated, polyethylene foams are highly conformable and compressible, providing contact between uneven, irregular, or contoured surfaces.

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MACtac® Technical Products: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for the Electronics Market

Stow, Ohio - November 5, 2003 - The electronics market is changing as fast as you can read this. MACtac® Technical Products designs its pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) with this in mind. Bob Frazier, marketing manager, explains:

"Because the wireless market is extremely consumer-oriented, designers are continually faced with the challenge to make the phone look and feel 'just right.' Identifying what the market wants is the easy part - designing it is where things get interesting."

A product for every problem.

MACbond® (IB Series). This family of double-coated tapes offers high tack for a solid bond with minimal increase in the total thickness of your product. MACbond's moisture-stable liner keeps the adhesive layer clean and flat during manufacturing and through thousands of day-to-day uses. By doing so, MACbond protects against dust, dirt or other particles that can invade a lens area - especially in touchscreen applications where such invasions impair accuracy.

Included in the MACbond family are Blackbond(TM) and Clearbond(TM). Supplied on an opaque (Blackbond) or clear (Clearbond) carrier, these products are ideal in electronics applications such as adhering lenses to device housings and protecting liquid crystal

MACfilm® (IF Series). MACtac's family of rubber and acrylic free films is designed for edge-to-edge bonding to a variety of substrates, including low surface energy plastics.

MACfilm is uniquely suited for mounting nameplates, die-cut parts and decorative trim and is field-proven to bond to nameplate and graphic overlay inks - without compromising
the effectiveness of the adhesive or ink. The acrylic-based line recently received UL 969 recognition for marking and labeling applications such as nameplates or markers containing information, instructions or identification.

MACmount® (IM Series). A family of double-coated, polyethylene foams, MACmount products are highly conformable and compressible, providing outstanding contact between uneven, irregular or contoured surfaces. MACmount is ideal for bonding plastic parts, harness clips and foam panels, and for laminating to a variety of plastic extrusions and molded parts.

For more details or to receive our free Electronics Product Guide (#4027), please contact MACtac Technical Products by calling 1.800.328.2619, faxing 330.689.3932 or e-mailing

MACtac, a leading supplier of pressure sensitive adhesive materials, offers solutions for a wide range of industries including printing, graphic design, packaging, digital imaging,
photographic, assembly engineering, medical and communications. MACtac is a subsidiary of the Bemis Company, Inc., the largest flexible packaging supplier in North America. Headquartered in Stow, Ohio, MACtac is a global company with manufacturing and distribution facilities in several countries. For more information, please visit

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