Pressure Imaging System suits medical and industrial use.

Press Release Summary:

Without requiring laptop, X3 Technology Series supports handheld devices with plug-and-play functionality and offers wireless capabilities. Startup time is typically under 20 sec, and software uses 65,000 color spectrum to create pressure images. Proprietary sensor pads, suited for medical, industrial, and point-of-sale applications, are flexible, conforming, durable, and thin.

Original Press Release:

Evolution of Pressure Imaging Arrives

Calgary's XSENSOR Technology Corporation introduces X3 Technology Series to medical, industrial, and point-of-sale clients worldwide.

Calgary, AB - Pressure imaging is a critical tool in the prevention of pressure sores for patients, the development of improved seats and tires for industrial manufacturers, and the delivery of quality bedding solutions to mattress retailers and their customers.

In response to client needs and in an effort to remain on the cutting edge of pressure imaging technology, XSENSOR Technology Corporation is proud to launch the X3 Technology Series, which features best in class product functionality, design, and performance.

X3 Technology Series offers a new standard in pressure imaging:

· Handheld devices and wireless capabilities - users no longer need a laptop

· Plug-and-play functionality - it takes 20 seconds or less to setup an X3 system

· Faster processing speeds - 4x to 16x faster than previous technology

· Enhanced image quality - software uses 65,000 color spectrum to create pressure images

· Proprietary sensor pads are ultra flexible, conforming, durable, thin and accurate

XSENSOR Technology Corporation BACKGROUND:

XSENSOR Technology Corporation designs, manufactures and sells advanced pressure imaging systems for use in medical, industrial and point-of-sale environments. XSENSOR Technology Corporation is a market leader in providing pressure imaging systems to three key market segments:

Medical-XSENSOR pressure imaging systems are used by clinicians and rehab specialists to assess and monitor pressure distribution, seating adjustments, cushioning, patient positioning, orthotics, pressure bandages, pressure wound prevention, and as an interactive visual training and research tool.

Industrial-XSENSOR pressure imaging systems are used by product designers and test engineers throughout the product design, testing and process control cycle to measure pressure related issues.

Point-of-Sale-XSENSOR pressure imaging systems are used by mattress and office furniture sales representatives as a sales tool to educate customers, increase closing rates, raise average ticket prices, and enhance the overall customer buying experience.


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