Pressure Forming Machine performs large volume production.

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Designed for repetitive production of plastic items, model 1610 APF (automatic pressure former) incorporates in-tool cutting and automatic stacking. Maximum forming area measures 16 x 10 in., and operating speed is adjustable from 8-50 cycles/min. Finished products are cleared from tool by air blast, and skeletal waste is wound onto rewind unit. Heating process is spread over 6 index pitches with 7 heaters across web at each station.

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Ridat Launching New High-Speed Machine for Large Volume Production of Pressure Formings

The London, England-based Ridat Company, Britain's leading manufacturer of thermo forming machinery, is launching a new and versatile high-speed pressure forming machine, designed for the large volume repetitive production of basic plastic items such as cups, tubs, containers, punnets, plant pots, lids and trays, etc.

An example of the capability of the new machine - the Ridat model 1610 APF automatic pressure former - is that using a nine-cup mould and operating at 28 cycles per minute, it will deliver more than 15,000 disposable yoghurt pots every hour.

Incorporating in-tool cutting and automatic stacking, this high-speed high-output machine has a maximum forming area of 16 inches x 10 inches (approximately 406 mm x 254 mm) and an operating speed that is readily adjustable between 8 and 50 cycles per minute.

Reel-fed material passes under a multi-zone heater into the tool, where it is formed and then trimmed. The finished products are cleared from the tool by air blast and the skeletal waste wound onto a rewind unit. All completely automatically.

High-speed large volume production of products such as disposable items requires highly sensitive control of the heating process. With the new Ridat machine, this is achieved by spreading the heating over six index pitches with seven heaters across the web at each station.

The temperature of each zone is controlled by a microprocessor-monitored thermocouple. Additionally, individual switching can be applied to each of the 42 heaters, so helping to ensure accuracy of fine-definition forming and finish, with excellent material distribution throughout the formings.

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