Pressure Compensating Labels incorporate PTFE membrane.

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Self-adhesive and non-adhesive Pressure Compensation Seals (PCS) are available with air-permeable and waterproof PTFE membrane that enables air molecules to pass through seals while restricting passage of water, oil, and dirt particles. Made from microporous-membrane material that ensures pressure equalization, customizable PCS seals are suited for ventilation of equipment housings. They provide chemical and thermal resistance and can withstand steam cleaning.

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Schreiner Protech Develops PTFE Membrane for Label Products

Long-Lasting, Durable PTFE Membrane Used to Maximize Effectiveness of Pressure Compensation Seals

SOUTHFIELD, MI - May 1, 2007 - Schreiner ProTech today announced the introduction of their new PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane, an air-permeable and waterproof material, particularly well-suited for the ventilation of equipment housings. Schreiner developed the PTFE membrane to enhance the effectiveness of their self-adhesive and non-adhesive Pressure Compensation Seals (PCS), allowing air molecules to pass through the PCS while restricting passage of water, oil and dirt particles.

PTFE, commonly known as Teflon, has evolved into a material ideal for installation by means of pressure sensitive adhesives. Schreiner's PTFE membrane is oil, dirt and water-resistant, critically improving the performance of their PCS labels. The PTFE-enhanced PCS labels have been sucessfully applied to various industrial applications within automotive, consumer electronics and medical technology. The seals protect sensitive electronic components by providing chemical and thermal resistance to extreme elements, ensuring reliable functionality of electronic systems in products like pressure sensors or small electric motors.

"Incorporating PTFE into the design of our seals gives the PCS a clear advantage over competitors, providing our customers with the most advanced, customizable and cost-effective solution for their most rigorous application requirements," says Steve Pasbjerg, Officer and Director of Sales for Schreiner ProTech North America.

Pressure compensation seals are made from microporous-membrane material that ensures pressure equalization, without allowing water or contaminants to pass through from the outside. They are even capable of withstanding extremes such as steam cleaning. A protective laminate is applied over the PCS to protect the sensitive membrane to give it long lasting functionality, even in automotive underhood applications.

Schreiner's PCS labels are customizable, fitted to work with any customer application. Easy to install, they are ideal for automatic, off-the-reel processing and can be applied to surfaces either through ultrasonic and thermal welding, or with its industrial grade self-adhesive. The flexible design and application of the PCS make it the most cost-effective labeling solution for manufacturers.

Schreiner ProTech's new PTFE product is IP66 and IP67 compliant, thus meeting all the requirements of DIN 40050. The high performance capabilities of PTFE membranes are illustrated by their technical specifications: air permeability is >5 liters/hr per square centimeter (1.32 gallons/hr per 0.78 sq. in.), and water resistance up to >0.6 bar (8.7psi). In addition, the membrane offers a high degree of oleophobicity (7-8) and a wide temperature tolerance range from -40 C to +160 C (-40.0 F to 320.0 F). The performance characteristics of Schreiner ProTech's PTFE membrane far exceed the level of most application requirements.

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