Presstek Roadshow Tours Germany and Switzerland in March 2007

Featuring the German premiere of the Presstek 52DI for more profitable digital printing and easy-to-use, efficient chemistry-free CTP solutions for traditional offset printing

HUDSON, N.H., Feb. 2 - Presstek, Inc. (NASDAQ:PRST), a leading manufacturer and marketer of digital offset printing business solutions for the graphic arts market, today announced the dates of its Presstek Roadshow, scheduled to tour Germany and Switzerland in March 2007. The Roadshow enables interested customers to view live demonstrations of the Presstek 52DI for digital offset, as well as two chemistry-free, metal-based computer-to-plate (CTP) solutions: the Vector TX52 for B3 format and the Dimension Excel for B2 format. The digital solution showcase also provides valuable insights into how printing and prepress businesses can increase the productivity and profitability of short-run color work with the automated quality of digital color offset printing and the efficiencies of chemistry-free CTP.

At the following three locations, customers can have personal demonstrations, speak with experts and discover the business advantages of Presstek solutions.

March 1 to 3 German Presstek distributor, mediasolutions D&K Gerke
GmbHa in Norderstedt, near Hamburg, Germany
March 14 to 17 Swiss Presstek distributor, AM Digital AG, in Cham
March 21 to 24 German Presstek DI Center at distributor, Beta GmbH, in
Muhlheim am Main

Premiere of the Presstek 52DI
One special highlight is the premiere of the Presstek 52DI digital offset press, which will be unveiled for the first time in Germany during the Roadshow. The Presstek 52DI, the ultimate 52 cm offset press, offers both traditional offset and digital printers the most profitable solution for meeting the demand for quick turnaround, short-run high quality color printing. This highly automated landscape format sheet-fed press combines the efficiency of an all-digital workflow with the versatility and quality of a conventional waterless offset press.

o Increase Profitability. According to InfoTrends, Inc. market study, a DI press produces the lowest cost per sheet at run lengths of 250 to 10,000 impressions - offering printers the competitive advantage in the expanding short-run color market.

o Maximize Productivity. The 52DI's time saving features and faster drying time of waterless ink enable the fast turn around of high quality print jobs - including same day service. File to sellable sheet is achieved in 10 minutes. The system delivers productivity of up to 10,000 B3 sheets per hour.

o Effortless Quality. The 52DI's unique design, digital imaging capabilities and range of automated functions supports up to 300 lpi and FM screening without incurring additional expense or time, and prints on a wide range of substrates from 0.06 mm to 0.5 mm thick. This waterless press eliminates ink/water balance issues and easily produces luminous color consistently sheet-to-sheet and job-to-job.

Presstek's Chemistry-free, Metal-based CTP Solutions
The Roadshow will also demonstrate Presstek's chemistry-free metal-based CTP solutions. These solutions open up additional business opportunities while enabling compliance with environmental regulations and requirements.

Dimension Excel System with Anthem Pro Plates
The easy-to-use Dimension Excel Series using Presstek's chemistry-free Anthem Pro plates provide the reliability, speed and quality that printers - especially mid-size and smaller shops - require. Dimension Excel platesetters are available in two- and four-page formats that can be configured as a standard (Dimension225 and 425) or as a high production (Dimension250 and 450) platemaker. The system supports run lengths up to 100,000 impressions.

oEnsure Quality Results. Unlike other chemistry-free CTP technologies on the market, Anthem Pro produces a visible, high-contrast plate that is daylight-safe before, during and after exposure. Printers can visually proof the plate -- the strong, black image is highly visible - and handle the plate in full daylight conditions without concern for fogging or post exposure. These features save time and are critical in avoiding costly mishaps and mistakes before mounting the plate on press.

oCost Saving Productivity. More jobs can be delivered in the same amount of time by the automation of key steps and elimination of time-consuming prepress procedures. Anthem Pro plates image at full rated speed, do not require baking, special cleaning fluids, or gumming resulting in great press performance, as well as less waste material.

Vector TX52 System with Freedom Plates
Ideally suited for the quick/small commercial or in-plant printer, the Vector TX52 system provides an affordable, small-format, chemistry-free CTP solution - plus the added benefit of imaging high quality metal plates for about the same price as polyester. The system supports run lengths up to 25,000 impressions.

o Affordable Metal CTP. Metal platemaking is now available to the quick/small commercial and in-plant printer at an accessible price point with the Presstek Vector TX52 CTP System. Printers can benefit from the advantages of metal platemaking - such as easier press operation, durability, reusability and accurate registration.

o Cost Saving Productivity. This chemistry-free solution delivers 52 cm (and under) plates for a more productive, cleaner and lower cost operation by eliminating the cost, labor, storage and headaches associated with chemically imaged CTP. Freedom plates do not require baking, special cleaning fluids, or gumming, resulting in great press performance, as well as less waste material.

The Benefits of Presstek Chemistry-free Platemaking:
o Faster turnaround due to less steps in the workflow
o Increased cost savings by the elimination of platemaking chemistry costs
o Confidence in job cost estimating with a more predictable cost per plate

Faster, more cost effective prepress costs mean the print provider can offer their customer competitive turn-around times and pricing.

For More Roadshow Information

To receive more information or reserve a personal demonstration, please visit or call:

oRalf Kamereit at mediasolutions D&K on Tel. +49 40 52 90 97-0 or per
email on
oThorsten Ott at Beta Edv Service on Tel. +49 6108 737 43 or per email on
oAlbert Vollenweider at AM DIGITAL on Tel. +41 41 748 71 11 or per email

About Presstek
Presstek, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of environmentally responsible high tech digital imaging solutions to the graphic arts and laser imaging markets. Presstek's patented DI®, CTP and plate products provide a streamlined workflow in a chemistry-free environment, thereby reducing printing cycle time and lowering production costs. Presstek solutions are designed to make it easier for printers to cost effectively meet increasing customer demand for high-quality, shorter print runs and faster turnaround while providing improved profit margins.

Presstek subsidiary, Lasertel, Inc., manufactures semiconductor laser diodes for Presstek's and external customers' applications.

For more information visit, or email:, or call in North America 603-595-7000, or in Europe call +44 20 8745 8000.

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