Press Feed System suits heavy-duty applications.

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Space-Saver(TM) Electronic Servo Press Feed System incorporates piloting design into integral pull-thru straightener. Suited for lines that may be used to straighten or feed materials of 0.035 in. thickness or greater, Toggle Link Motion Straightener configuration ensures all upper rolls of mechanism are raised to equal height. This releases tension between upper and lower rollers of straightener during feed operation's pilot pin orientation of material.

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The Missing Link In Press Line Straightening

Troy, MI - Dallas Industries, Inc. has incorporated an innovative new 'true piloting' design into the integral pull-thru straightener (PTS) of its advanced Dallas Space-Saver(TM) Electronic Servo Press Feed System for heavy duty applications. Designated as the Toggle Link Motion Straightener (TLMS), the unit is ideal for lines that may be used to straighten/feed materials 0.035" thickness or greater and where die pilot pins are critical elements of the stamping operation, such as with progressive dies. The TLMS configuration of the straightener means that all upper rolls of the mechanism are raised an equal height, releasing the tension between the upper and lower rollers of the straightener during the feed operation's pilot pin orientation of the material, resulting in fast feeds, more accurate positioning and less wear and tear on components.

The TLMS construction is in contrast to conventional pneumatic or hydraulic-actuated clamshell or alligator styles...a hinged design where typically the exit end of the straightener is lifted higher than the entry side. The clamshell design, though appropriate for materials under 0.035" thick, may pinch and bind the heavier materials at the entry end, a condition that may result in inaccurate material orientation and excessive wear at the hinged end. This configuration can also result in unequal downward pressure being applied when closed so materials may not be adequately straightened. Then too, when thick materials are run, the alligator style devices are set to try to compensate for the possible binding condition by opening even wider, thus slowing the feed operation and reducing the strokes per minute of the press.

The TLMS system from Dallas features a centrally mounted lift shaft attached at one end to the upper roller head; the other end is a pivot point connected around a motor driven rocker crank. As the crank is moved and the lift shaft pivots, both the shaft and roller head are raised, but only by the minimal distance needed to clear the material. This action results in equal tension release and, just as important, as the crank returns to the home position, equalized and uniform downward pressure to assure consistent straightening performance and part quality. The TLMS system is available for new installations or as a modification for existing SpaceSaver lines.

When running thin stock of less than 0.035" or not using true piloting and the TLMS feature is not required, the upper roller fixture can be mechanically locked in the bottom or straightening position without time consuming shut-down procedures as air and hydraulic systems may require.

The Space-Saver line technology developed by Dallas, including rugged servo feed/pull-thru straightener combinations along with other process concepts and tools, is said to reduce the amount of floor area required by anywhere from 1/3 to as much as 1/2 the space as compared to conventional feed system layouts.

Dallas Industries' press feed and coil handling equipment includes servo feeds in a full range of sizes and capacities, air feed systems, pull-thru and powered straighteners, both cradles and coil reels, and a wide selection of auxiliary accessories. For further information regarding Dallas Industries and its products, visit online:

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