Press Brakes feature PC-based graphical controls.

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Available in 14 sizes from 16-2,000 tons with standard bed lengths from 4-24 ft, PROFORM Press Brakes offer ±0.001 in. repeatability. They include Variable Volume Load Sensing hydrualic system, hardened piston rods, and interlock construction. Utilizing Windows® OS, 15.1 in. LCD control combines 3D graphics interface with touch-screen operation. Absolute linear transducers provide automatic leveling control by maintaining parallelism between bed and ram.

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PROFORM Press Brakes with PC-based Graphical Controls Now Available in 14 Model Sizes from 60 to 2000 Tons

User-friendly control speeds setups and simplifies programming, while servo hydraulics and a proven press brake platform provide ±0.001 repeatability to ensure consistent bends

September 2004 - Cincinnati Incorporated makes PC-based touch-screen control and "see first, then do" simulation graphics available across the spectrum of press brake requirements, expanding its new PROFORM hydraulic brake line with eight additional model sizes. Now available in 14 model sizes from 60 to 2000 tons, the PROFORM features a powerful control that combines 3D graphics interface with simple touch-screen operation to speed setup and programming times for optimized bending productivity. The PROFORM comes in standard bed lengths from 4 to 24 ft. (and custom lengths beyond). A wide variety of options enable precisely matching of press brake capabilities to process requirements. Precision servo hydraulics on a proven, rigid press brake platform allow the PROFORM to hold ram repeatability to ±0.001" (0.025mm) along the entire length. Cincinnati backs the PROFORM with industry-best five-year parts/one-year labor warranties.

The PROFORM's 15.1-in. LCD touch-screen control uses simple icon-driven Windows® operating system, eliminating the need for keypads and key switches. Advanced control software and simulation graphics allow helpful 3D rotational viewing of the part, including detailed presentation of part shape and gage fingers.

New part programs can be generated through manual data entry or by drawing the part in cross-section or flat pattern, and then selecting tooling and bend sequence. A special job setup page displays tool segment lengths and tool locations, as well as operator notes to reduce setup time. The control can access jobs from its internal hard drive, floppy disk or network connection.

Cincinnati has integrated a number of its proven press brake design principles in the PROFORM to ensure reliable, long-lived operation. These include:
o clevis-mounted cylinders and centerline loading that confine operating stress within the main housing to eliminate cylinder misalignment;
o Variable Volume Load Sensing (VVLS) hydraulic system for lower maintenance costs and greater energy efficiency;
o hardened piston rods with precision guiding to eliminate cylinder oil leaks;
o rigid interlock construction for maximum durability; and
o precision-engineered Microcrown machined into the press beds of 90- to 350-ton versions to reduce die shimming.

Absolute linear transducers mounted on both ends of the machine provide automatic leveling control by maintaining parallelism between the bed and ram. The transducers are referenced below the neutral axis of the throat to avoid ram reversal errors due to side housing deflection. Each PROFORM press brake is tested before shipping to ensure ram repeatability to ±0.001" (±3 sigma).

The PROFORM features adjustable stroke length and full-tonnage throughout the stroke. Programmable ram speed allows users to maximize forming speed for fast throughput of small parts and select optimum speed for large parts to reduce back-bending and ease part handling.

The PROFORM's bed comes standard with dovetail slots to attach material support arms and gages. For maximum versatility, PROFORM press brakes can be ordered with optional structural modifications, including increased stroke, throat and closed height; machining for angle brackets; die clamp bolts on 6-in. centers; and bed adaptors. Increased stroke and closed-height permit deep box forming without interferences.

Designed for application versatility, the PROFORM is available with a variety of tool holders, filler blocks, and ram noses to accommodate most major tooling types, including U.S. or European-style tooling. Fast tool change systems are available with European tooling, and a European-style bolt-on ram nose is a no-cost option on 60-ton models.

Optional AUTO CROWN(TM) automatically produces an upward force on the bed proportional to the ram force to deliver consistent bends along the entire bend line. Other options include power clamp, hardened wear strip, presence sensing, fluid monitoring, heater units and heat exchangers. Numerous CNC backgage configurations are available from one to four axes for sheet and plate applications.

The PROFORM meets ANSI B11.3 safety standards for construction. All models have a quick-access E-stop button in the center of the operator station, with additional palm button and footswitch available for two-operator jobs. A gage finger positioning tool is included so operators do not have to walk behind the machine or risk injury by reaching through the dies.

For more information on the new PROFORM PC-controlled press brake, contact Cincinnati Incorporated, Box 11111, Cincinnati, OH 45211. Phone (513) 367-7100; fax (513) 367-7552. Email or visit the web site

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