Pregis' Proflex(TM) Profiles Are Now Available in More Than 500 Stock Shapes/Sizes

Deerfield, Ill., April 29, 2009- ProFlex(TM) Profiles from Pregis Corp. are now available in more than 500 solid and pre-slit hollow shapes and sizes. The expanded capability enables one-stop shopping for a wide variety of profiles to suit just about any need.

Typical tube applications include cushioning protection for metal racking, post pads, furniture railings, sporting goods and other products which the hollow pre-slit ProFlex(TM) Profiles can be wrapped around. Solid rounds are typically used as spacers, void fillers, OEM product components, gaskets and specialty applications, such as shock and vibration dampening systems.

The tubes are available in ½-inch wall thickness and orifice sizes of ½-, ¾-, 1-, 1 ½-, 1 ¾-, 2- and 2 ½-inches. The solid rounds are available in diameters of 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 6 ½-inches. All sizes are available in 6-foot lengths and in a variety of colors.

The closed-cell polyethylene (PE) foam extrusions come in standard densities of 1.8- to 2-pounds per cubic foot and offer packaging and cushioning protection for a wide range of products.

ProFlex(TM) Profiles are made from non-dusting, closed-cell foam and also can be produced in a variety of custom shapes including: round, rectangular, square and odd-shapes in solid or open configuration.

The PE foam is non-toxic, non-abrasive and resistant to moisture. It performs consistently over a wide temperature range and offers dimensional flexibility.

Extremely resilient, ProFlex(TM) Profiles foam springs back after many compressions. It can be easily configured, inserted and mechanically attached to any object. Labor is kept to a minimum, while product protection is maximized.

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