Preformed Silicone Profiles repair failed sealant joints.

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Extruded into preformed strips or custom shapes that bridge over existing joint, Sil-Span(TM) silicone compound waterproofs building envelope while preventing damage to building substrate and maintaining original aesthetics. Product can be custom colored and textured to match virtually any finish. Validated by Sealant Waterproofing and Restoration Institute, Sil-Span profiles meet ASTM C 1523, offer 200% movement capability, and are resistant to UV rays and weathering.

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Pecora® Sil-Span(TM): Eliminates the Need for Expensive Sealant Cutouts and Prevents Damage to Building Substrate

HARLEYSVILLE, Pa., -- Joint sealant failures are a common occurrence over the lifespan of a building and can result in substantial damage to the property. Repairing these failures can be extremely costly and time consuming particularly in exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS).

Pecora's Sil-Span preformed silicone profiles provide an alternative to the traditional method of repairing failed sealant joints, eliminating the costly steps of removing the existing failed sealant and the surface preparation that can often damage the substrate. It offers a cost-effective method of correcting failures in areas of the building envelope which are difficult or almost impossible to replace or reseal such as curtain-walls, stucco, skylights, roofing details, reglets, coping stones and flashing details.

"I like the versatility of Sil-Span in solving waterproofing issues with EIFS and skylights, both leak-prone and difficult to seal using conventional methods," says Alan Johnson, partner of Streamline Waterproofing of Derry, NH. "The ability to offer a textured custom color for failed EIFS joints and custom bend lines to bridge leaking mullions resolves issues while maintaining aesthetics."

A specially formulated low-modulus silicone compound, Sil-Span is extruded into preformed strips or custom shapes that "bridge" over the existing joint, waterproofing the building envelope while maintaining the original aesthetics of the substrate. This cost-effective alternative provides the benefits of:

-- Reduced labor costs and easy application

-- No EIFS substrate damage common in restoration

-- The perfect look - Sil-Span can be custom colored and textured to match virtually any finish

"The field crew liked working with Sil-Span because it was so easy to install," says Jaime Gaumnitz of Western Waterproofing in Renton, WA. "And the consultants were happy because it eliminated the cost of a cutout, prevented damage to the substrate and it kept out moisture."

In addition to the ease of application, Sil-Span meets ASTM C 1523, is validated by Sealant Waterproofing & Restoration Institute and provides the properties of advanced silicone technology.

-- 200% movement capability

-- Resistant to ultraviolet rays & weathering

-- High tear resistance

-- Minimal dirt pick-up

Pecora Sil-Span is available now from authorized distributors throughout the United States and is a professional system that must be used in conformity with manufacturer's instructions. For more information, please visit

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Pecora Corporation is a leading manufacturer of elastomeric sealants serving the construction industry. The company was founded in 1862 in Philadelphia as a paint and varnish company focused on delivering trusted solutions to customers' needs. Today, the company manufactures a wide variety of architectural waterproofing products and sealants in a variety of chemistries including silicones, urethanes, and latex acrylics.

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