Predictive Analytics Software provides Teradata support.

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Using existing performance metrics, BEZVision(TM) 3.5 automatically predicts future application or workload service breaches, months before they would occur. Program includes features for modeling/reporting key aspects of Teradata Active System Management and performance reporting for Access Module Processors Worker Tasks. What-if capabilities model changes in Teradata environments to help insulate service delivery from constant changes created by mergers, acquisitions, and service consolidations.

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BEZ Strengthens Commitment to Teradata Platform Family with Powerful Support for TASM Capacity Management and AMP Worker Task Performance Reporting

BOSTON, -- BEZ Systems, the leading provider of predictive analytics for IT, today announced immediate availability of a new version of BEZVision(TM) that extends Teradata support with powerful new features for modeling and reporting key aspects of Teradata Active System Management (TASM) and performance reporting for Access Module Processors (AMP) Worker Tasks (AWT). BEZVision 3.5 is a unique, next-generation software solution that automatically uses existing performance metrics to predict future application or workload service breaches, months before they would likely occur. BEZVision "what-if" capabilities now model changes in Teradata environments to help insulate service delivery from the constant changes created by mergers, acquisitions, service consolidations, capacity shifts, new applications or other significant events.

"Teradata is committed to integrating our industry-leading software with the leading applications and technology from our partners," said Doug Brown, Teradata TASM software architect. "TASM integration with BEZVision is the next evolutionary step in automated workload management and capacity management. Knowing the performance impacts of altering certain TASM parameters in advance of making the changes will allow our customers to explore the operational benefits of TASM."

The new BEZVision TASM support has benefits for both current TASM users and those contemplating a move toward a TASM environment. Current TASM users will now be able to:

-- Create BEZVision workload definitions that match TASM definitions

-- Capture priority, resource limitation and concurrency (throttle) values for each of the running workloads

-- Run prediction scenarios that will simulate changes to TASM parameters to see what the performance impact will be

For those contemplating a move toward a TASM environment, BEZVision will help by showing the performance impact of changing workload priorities, changing the level of concurrency/throttling and resource allocation for one or more workloads as would typically be done under TASM.

Many users view TASM as an invaluable management solution, but while changing TASM parameters may improve performance for one workload, it can introduce delays in others.
BEZVision 3.5 now displays the average delay time and queue lengths that are occurring on the system at a workload level to help determine if remedial action is required.

"Adding BEZVision to TASM makes the best workload management software even better," said Anita Richards, Teradata TASM software architect. "The integration of BEZVision workloads with TASM workload definition will provide important capacity management functionality to Teradata customers. It will allow them to evaluate different options, answer a variety of 'what if' questions and justify strategic, tactical and operational decisions."

In Teradata environments, the total number of Virtual Access Module Processors (VAMPs) and AWTs determine how many concurrent activities can be running in parallel. BEZVision
3.5 now includes AWT reporting to help in this endeavor.

BEZVision displays standard dashboard tiles that will show:
(1) total AWTs running in the system and (2) exception reporting to uncover specific nodes that are hitting their AWT limits.

According to Boris Zibitsker, BEZ chairman and CTO, "Incorporation of TASM workload priorities, concurrency limitations and other control parameters in BEZVision 3.5 enable customers to predict and compare the impact of different TASM parameter changes on the performance of all workloads. Customers can use BEZVision results to justify changes of TASM parameters required to satisfy workload service-level goals, set realistic expectations and compare the actual results with what was expected."

In addition to the new Teradata specific features, all users of BEZVision will benefit from other recent enhancements packaged with this release to support easily customizable reporting and report distribution to all stakeholders.

BEZVision users realize a strong return on investment in a variety of ways, including: reducing hardware costs by eliminating unnecessary upgrades, reducing system downtime by avoiding surprise outages, and reducing the time and number of people required for new application implementations.

About BEZ Systems

Since 1993, BEZ Systems has been offering innovative predictive analytic solutions that provide a line-of-business view of current and future application service delivery. These solutions allow IT managers to accurately profile application performance, compare 'change and growth' alternatives, and forecast future requirements.

Predictive analytics are an invaluable component of verifying that business objectives and performance goals can be met, thereby minimizing any shortfalls in service.


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Director, Sales and Marketing

BEZ Systems

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