Precision Welding Gas Mixer ensures efficient use of Helium.

Press Release Summary:

Equipped with internal MPU to perform all necessary calculations and signal sending, Pegas 4000 provides means to control up to 4 individual component gases using thermal mass flow controllers. Concentrations can be adjusted on-the-fly or dynamic mixing schedules can also be preprogrammed via included software. After operator enters total flow and concentration of each component gas, front panel rotometer shows flow of mixed gas. Bench/pilot scale mixer measures 13 x 11.5 x 7.5 in.

Original Press Release:

New Product: Columbus Instruments Precision Welding Gas Mixer; Pegas 4000

Bench/Pilot Scale Mixer with Independent Component Control for More Efficient Use of Helium and Effective Use of Helium-substitutes

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The world is running out of Helium and this has spurred new research from industries that require use of Helium as a shielding gas for welding metals. Competing for what Helium is left is the MRI Industry (coolant for magnets), NASA (used to pressurize rocket fuel tanks), Particle Accelerator research (like the famed Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland - also used as a coolant), and of course, the party balloon industry. As this precious resource is depleted welding experts strive to experiment with different mixtures that use less Helium while providing the same quality weld. This research requires a gas mixer with precise independent component control; a feature that is lacking in modern welding equipment.

The Columbus Instruments Pegas 4000 Gas Mixer provides a means to control up to four individual component gases using very precise thermal mass flow controllers. Concentrations can be adjusted on the fly or dynamic mixing schedules can be preprogrammed using the included software. The system is equipped with an internal microprocessor to perform all of the needed calculations and to provide signals to the flow controllers. The user only needs to enter the total flow and the concentration of each component gas. A front panel rotometer shows the flow of mixed gas.

Pegas 4000 Gas Mixer Specifications:

-- Dimensions: 13" x 11.5" x 7.5" (33 x 29 x 19 cm)
-- Weight: 14 pounds (6.4 kg)
-- Flow controller ranges: 0-5 ml (lowest range); 0-100 l/min. (highest range)
-- Flow controller accuracy and linearity: +/-1% full scale
-- Flow controller repeatability: 0.2% full scale
-- Input pressure: 30 PSI (please specify input pressure when ordering)
-- Outlet pressure: 0-20 PSI (please specify outlet pressure when ordering)

Additional options available:

-- External input for contact closure control to shut off gas flow.
-- Remote control by a PC via RS-232 serial connections.
-- User-programmed overpressure shut off.

About Columbus Instruments International Corporation:

Columbus Instruments International Corporation ( was established in 1970 by Dr. Jan Czekajewski in Columbus, Ohio. The company's catalog consisted of only a single product; a cardiac output computer that used both classic dye dilution and a novel thermodilution measurement techniques. Though fist developed for human research, the thermodilution measurement method became wildly popular for researchers that preferred laboratory animals as test subjects. Sales of the cardiac output computer funded rapid growth of the company that has now expanded into a catalog of nearly 80 products. Today Columbus Instruments manufactures a variety of research instruments for the life sciences spanning applications from environmental monitoring to preclinical behavior and physiology. Dr. Czekajewski still heads the company to this day which employs a staff of approximately 45 people.

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