Precision Spur Gears come in Delrin and Peek materials.

Press Release Summary:

Delrin® POM (white) and Peek(TM) Gf30® (light brown) precision spur gears start at 0.5 Module and go up to 3.0 as standard, and numbers of teeth start range from 18-250 depending on module size. Different bore sizes, tapped holes, keyways, and pin holes can be added upon request. While chemical-resistant Peek Gf30 exhibits tensile and impact strength for keeping its shape, Delrin plastic exhibits optimal fatigue life, moisture sensitivity, and resistance to solvents and chemicals.

Original Press Release:

Ondrives Delrin® & Peek(TM) Precision Gears

Ondrives Ltd have introduced a range of Delrin POM (white) and Peek Gf30® (light brown) precision spur gears into their precision gear range of products.

These unusual materials are proving popular with customers already, states Sales Director Andy Higgs. They start at 0.5 Module going up to 3.0 as standard and numbers of teeth start at 18 going up to 250 depending on which module size is selected, he continues. Different bore sizes, tapped holes, keyways and pin holes can all be added for a small extra cost to customer's specifications and complete specials are also easily and quickly quoted for and manufactured at Ondrives' newly built CNC manufacturing facility.

Peek Gf30® is a material known for it's resistance against chemicals, high tensile and impact strength and for keeping its shape. Delrin plastic material is characterised by good fatigue life, low moisture sensitivity, and high resistance to solvents and chemicals. It also contains good electrical properties. Delrin is a semi crystalline engineering plastic that is beneficial to engineering applications, and is suited to CNC machining which is why Ondrives selected both materials to further enhance their extensive precision gear range.

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