Precision Presses suit universal assembly operations.

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Offering force ranges from 450-12,800 lb, TOX®-FinePress line comprises Toggle, Rack-and-Pinion, Pneumatic, and Pneumatic-Assisted Hand-Lever Presses. All feature heavy-duty linear ball rail guides, machined cast steel frames, and height adjustment over integrated cranking mechanism. Standard tool fixture with quick chuck system ensures safe clamping of tools. Basic tool set is also included with each press.

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NEW: TOX®-FinePress Innovation in Precision Presses

With the introduction of the completely new press program TOX®-FinePress, the technology company TOX®-PRESSOTECHNIK has expanded its product line of precision presses with innovative presses for universal assembly operations. With this, the company specialized in presses and drives meets the market requirements for a continuous and increasing demand for compact, powerful and reliable precision presses at cost-effective prices. TOX®-PRESSOTECHNIK has taken one more decisive step and implemented heavy duty linear ball rail guides for their presses, thus offering ideal modular building blocks for automation and assembly processes. The highlight of these presses is the ram guidance consisting of a precision linear ball rail guide system, such as those used in machine tools and measuring equipment. These guides are noted for their high productive capacity and long term accuracy and repeatability. The guides are preloaded, so that no readjustments are needed. The high grade machine elements, together with the robust and precision machined cast steel frames, provide for their use in all imaginable processes where the force must be precise and repeatable. The precision TOX®-FinePress program line comprises press force ranges from 2 to 57 kN (450 - 12,800 lb-force). All presses are available in S (standard) version, L (increased working height) version, and W (increased throat depth) version. And all presses have height adjustment over an integrated cranking mechanism. A basic tool set is also included with each press. The presses come in the following styles:

The Toggle Presses develop the high force over a toggle mechanism and require little operator effort.

The Rack-and-Pinion Presses develop the high force over a rack and pinion mechanism and produce a constant press force throughout the entire stroke.

The Pneumatic Presses feature standard stroke adjustment and end of stroke dampening. The pneumatic cylinders have high quality seals for long life and maximum efficiency.

The Pneumatic-Assisted Hand-Lever-Presses combine a manual approach stroke with a pneumatic power stroke at the touch of a button.

All presses feature a standard tool fixture with a quick chuck system, which ensures a fast and safe clamping of the tools. All this is done without any damage to the ram, which is common with set screw tool fixtures.

Retrofittable accessories include return stroke locks, ergonomic handles, linear slide tables, rotary indexing tables, cycle counters, two-hand controls for the pneumatic presses, universal tables, and process monitoring systems and sensors.

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