Precision Power Chucks have dual actuator design.

Press Release Summary:

Offering .0001 in. repeating accuracy, PPC-D chucks utilize dual actuator design for optimizing clamping force and RPM capability as well as rigidity and draw tube forces. QC precision jaw locating system maintains .0002 in. max workpiece runout after jaw change without remachining top jaws. It also enables interchangeability of finished machined jaws between different chucks and maintains max workpiece runout within .0008 in. Dual- and triple-jaw models are available.

Original Press Release:

MicroCentric Announces New Dual Actuator Design Precision Power Chucks

Plainview, NY October 23, 2006...MicroCentric Corp. announces a new line of high precision power chucks to replace the current PPC series. The new PPC-D models feature a dual actuator design providing increased clamping force and higher RPM capability. The new design achieves greater rigidity resulting in improved accuracy at high draw tube forces. Increased chuck life is also attained since the internal clamping load is distributed over twice the surface area compared to the original PPC design.

Workholding is a critical factor in the overall quality of a machined workpiece,
particularly in precision machining operations such as finish turning and grinding
as well as hard turning and sub spindle applications where maintaining close geometric tolerances with previously machines surfaces is often critical.

PPC-D chucks are designed for the stringent demands of these applications. They feature a repeating accuracy of .0001" (0.0025mm), and enable users to exceed their Cpk and Ppk requirements by holding tighter concentricity, squareness, and parallelism tolerances than conventional power chucks.

MicroCentric's patented QC precision jaw locating system is standard on all PPC-D models. The QC system maintains .0002" (0.005mm) maximum workpiece runout after jaw change without remachining top jaws. The QC system also enables the interchangability of finished machined jaws between different chucks and still maintains maximum workpiece runout within .0008" (0.02mm).

PPC-D chucks are available in the following diameters: 4.33" (110mm), 6.50" (165mm), 8.25" (210mm), 10.00" (250mm), and 12.00" (300mm), in both 3 jaw and 2 jaw models. Different configuration spindle adapter plates are available, and PPC-D chucks can be adapted to operate with existing hydraulic or pneumatically actuated draw tubes.

MicroCentric also specializes in designing hardened and precision ground top jaws,
part stops, and other tooling for specific machine and workpiece applications.

Technical contact: Bob Sorge
Tel. 800-573-1139

MicroCentric manufacturers a full line of collet chucks for Quick Change Collets,
S Pad Collet Pads, and 5C, 16C and 3J collets in Dead Length as well as Pullback models as well as precision power chucks and air churcks.

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