Precision Micro Dryers suit low throughput, high-end materials.

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Able to handle materials used within medical industry at rates from 2 pellets to 20 lb/hr, Precision Micro Dryers deliver temperatures from 70 to 400°F. To assure resin is properly dried, Dri-Pak membrane provides the drying process with continuous stream of -49°F dew point air regardless of conditions. Configurations range from compact all-in-one drying systems that can fit on extruders or molding machines to separate systems with 2 oz hoppers and stand-alone dryer packages.

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Dri-Air Industries Offers New Precision Micro Dryers for Low Throughput, High-End Materials

Easily handles a diverse range of conditions

(Dri-Air Industries, Inc., East Windsor, CT) - As the materials used within the medical industry have become more and more demanding to effectively process, Dri-Air Industries has developed a new line of Precision Micro dryers - specifically designed to meet the challenge!

From 2 pellets to 20 pounds per hour, with drying temperatures from 70 - 400 degrees °F, these new dryers can handle a diverse range of conditions without the hassles of conventional dryers that require cooling water or after coolers. To assure the resin is properly dried, Dri-Air's Dri-Pak membrane provides the drying process a continuous stream of -49 °F dew point air regardless of the conditions.

The micro line is available in a wide assortment of configurations: from compact all-in-one drying systems that can fit on small extruders or molding machines, to separate systems with 2 oz hoppers and stand alone dryer packages. Micro dryers can also be configured to handle Nitrogen for special oxygen free drying systems.

Dri-Air's popular UDC controller is standard, with the Advanced, ADC controller as an available option. The ADC control includes a -49 °F dew point monitor, 7-day timer, and temperature set back to prevent over drying. Both the UDC and ADC controller are easily calibrated for ISO 9000 and 9002.

To find out more how the Micro line of dryers can help you with your process, contact Dri-Air Industries: 860-627-5110 or on the web:

About Dri-AIr
Since 1974 Dri-Air has been the Industry leader in proven desiccant dryer technology, offering the highest quality at competitive pricing. Our plastics drying and loading systems offer a full range of solutions for drying plastic resins, mixing, blending and conveying virgin, regrind and plastic colorants. We offer advanced microprocessor control, stainless steel insulated hoppers, closed-loop loading systems and full-flo electric dryer valves. Our constant attention to detail and incredible response time has helped us sell thousands of drying systems worldwide. From 1 pound to 1,000 pounds per hour, we offer solutions to a wide range of industries from simple solutions to complex custom applications.

While in the past DRI-AIR Industries has been recognized as a dryer supplier only, we have recently broadened our product line significantly to provide our customers with the best auxiliary equipment available.

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