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Precision Machine measures roundness, profile, and surface finish.

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Precision Machine measures roundness, profile, and surface finish.

Aug 04, 2014 - With high-speed column drive, precision positioning, and 4 mm roundness and contour gauge, Talyrond 500H accurately duplicates machine tool movements and exactly reproduces work piece shape. Low-noise metrology frame, accurate axis alignment, and data collection enable optimal straightness and roundness measurement. Along with high-resolution gauge, features include frictionless air-bearing spindle and precision column as well as teach and learn programming techniques.

Taylor Hobson Inc., a division of AMETEK - West Chicago, IL

Original Press Release

Precision Surface Measurement Tool Provides Rapid, Accurate Feedback for Efficient Quality Control

Press release date: Jul 30, 2014

New AMETEK Taylor Hobson 500H measures roundness, profile and surface finish on a single platform

A precision surface measurement tool featuring an industry-leading high-speed column drive, precision positioning and 4mm roundness and contour gauge has been introduced by Taylor Hobson, a unit of AMETEK, Inc.  ( The new Talyrond 500H measures roundness, profile and surface finish on a single platform with high accuracy due to an extremely low noise floor.

Applications include:
• Automotive & parts
• Aerospace
• Bearings
• Machine tools
• Metalworking
• Medical
• Optics
• Agricultural machinery
• Marine

It is ideally suited for high-accuracy measuring applications including precision bearings, fuel injectors, crankshafts and turbocharger parts. Numerous specialized accessories allow the instrument to accommodate the industry’s most demanding applications.

It accurately duplicates a machine tool’s movements and exactly reproduces a work piece shape. This allows the Talyrond 500H to provide users with rapid feedback for efficient quality assurance.

A low-noise metrology frame, accurate axis alignment and a patented data collection method provide it with unmatched straightness and roundness measurement capabilities. A high-resolution gauge measures linear or circumferential surface roughness. A frictionless air-bearing spindle and precision column measure roundness, cylindricity and straightness. A patented calibration technique performs radius, angle, height, length and distance measurements.

Simplified teach and learn programming techniques, comprehensive user prompts and on-screen instructions combine for easy, error-free operation. It performs calibration, center and level functions along with measuring routines automatically.

Taylor Hobson is a leading manufacturer of ultra-precision measurement instruments for a wide range of markets including optics, semiconductors, manufacturing and nanotechnology research. It is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of more than US$3.6 billion.

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