Precision Adjustable Shim simplifies leveling adjustments.

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Eliminating trial and error of lifting machinery to slip in shims and wedges, Microshim lets user adjust stainless steel lifting bolt to raise/lower machine in height adjustments of 0.001 in. Each unit lifts and supports 10,000 lb, and applying adhesive to 2 sliding surfaces allows for adjustment before product is permanently locked to specific height. While shim is milled from solid block of aluminum and protected by hard anodized coating, lifting hardware is fabricated in stainless steel.

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Pinpoint Laser Systems Announces the Precision Adjustable Microshim to Simplify Machinery Adjustments

Pinpoint Laser Systems is introducing a precision adjustable shim called the “Microshim”. This innovation is ideal for production plants, machine shops, utilities, and other industrial facilities where machinery must be precisely adjusted or leveled. Typical applications include positioning large machinery, leveling grinding equipment, adjusting roll assemblies, leveling extruders and injection molding equipment, and more. This simple, compact device is easy to use, highly versatile, and affordable, for large and small plants alike.

No more trial and error lifting machinery to slip in shims and wedges or trips to the machine shop to make spacer blocks. With the Microshim, the user adjusts a stainless steel lifting bolt to raise or lower the machine. Height adjustments of 0.001 inch are possible and each Microshim will lift and support 10,000 pounds. Applying adhesive to the two sliding surfaces allows for adjustment before the Microshim is permanently locked to a specific height. Each Microshim is milled from a solid block of aluminum and protected by a hard anodized coating. All lifting hardware is fabricated in stainless steel.

The Microshim and other innovative products are manufactured in the United States by Pinpoint Laser Systems. To learn more, contact a Pinpoint Alignment Specialist to discuss your alignment applications or schedule a complimentary online demo.

About Pinpoint Laser Systems
Pinpoint Laser Systems is a leading manufacturer of precision laser measuring and alignment products for industry. Our innovative machine alignment products are found in factories throughout the United States and all over the world. We offer a wide line of laser measurement tools that will help you solve manufacturing problems, improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce downtime and increase profitability. Pinpoint’s aligning equipment is actively used in a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, aircraft, machine shops, paper and textile mills, shipbuilding facilities, medical scanning equipment, extrusion plants, and electronic assembly facilities, to name a few.

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