Precise Automation Collaborative Robots Measured and Certified by TUV to Exert Forces Within Collaborative Robot Guidelines

Fremont, California – TUV has measured and certified that the forces exerted by all Precise Automation collaborative robots (including SCARA, six-axis and Cartesian configurations) exert forces that are within the guidelines defined by the recent ISO/TS 15066 Standard on Collaborative Robots. Even maximum speed collisions in free space are well under the ISO force limits for operator safety.

Designed from the ground up with collaborative applications in mind, these robots represent a new generation of automation specifically optimized for safe, desktop use without requiring large expensive safety barriers that impede productivity.  These mechanisms will not injure a user or damage equipment even if there are accidental full speed collisions.  However, in order to use a robot in an application without safety shields, the application as a whole (including end effectors, operation methods, objects being handled and obstacles in the workcell) must be evaluated for safety.

All Precise robots feature an embedded motion control and power supplies as well as internally routed service harnesses.  Combined with these robots’ ability to collaboratively operate without safety shielding, these unique designs greatly reduce the cost and space requirements in automated workcells.  Operators can access these cells even while these robots are in motion, greatly increasing productivity.  These features permit the development of new cost saving workcell designs in traditional robot applications as well as the creation of new, never before automated non-traditional robot applications.

Brian Powell, Vice President of Sales and Operations, states, “The TUV certification is further proof of the unique capabilities that our robots have to offer.  Unlike many collaborative robots, which are intrinsically dangerous machines operating in a collaborative mode, Precise’s robots were designed with a new type of collaborative user and environment in mind.  We have hundreds of collaborative robots working in a variety of different non-traditional automation environments, all of which have been approved by safety professionals and organizations to operate without any type of shielding. We will continue to leverage our robots’ collaborative capabilities to develop innovative automation solutions for an even wider variety of applications that couldn’t be automated with traditional robotics.”


Precise Automation delivers cutting edge automation technology and leverages years of experience in software, controls, electronic and mechanical design that assists end users and OEM customers to automate with ease.  Precise's versatile table-top robots and sample handlers come fully assembled and are extremely easy to set up.  Our revolutionary line of intrinsically safe collaborative robots (which include SCARA, 6-axis and Cartesian configurations) are designed specifically to meet the needs of a new generation of desktop automation users.  Our low-cost vision-guided motion controllers integrate motor drives in a very compact design that fit inside many mechanisms’ structures.  The controller's powerful features allow OEM’s to create the applications they want and to produce user-friendly systems.  Adding vision guidance simplifies complex problems in locating and identifying parts and significantly improves process reliability by easily accommodating to dimensional variances.  Precise Automation's flexible and innovative products serve a wide variety of industries including: electronics, semiconductor, life science, medical products and mass storage.


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