Pre-Op Checklist Sign increases operating room patient safety.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for visibility, Preoperative Stop/Go Sign provides interactive checklist that optimizes preoperative process to enhance patient safety in OR. Functionality lets OR staff assess patient’s readiness from distance, identify preoperative delays, and perform early intervention. One layer of adhesive stickers form red STOP sign, and backing sheet shows green GO sign. As each preoperative step is completed, associated sticker is removed. Whoever removes each sticker can sign underneath.

Original Press Release:

AAM and Plexus Management Group Launch the Preoperative Stop/Go Sign, a Highly Visible, Interactive Checklist for Optimizing Patient Safety in the Operating Room

Westwood, MA — Anaesthesia Associates of Massachusetts (AAM), a leading provider of anesthesia services, and Plexus Management Group, Inc., a market-leading anesthesia management company, announced today the launch of their latest product, The Preoperative Stop/Go Sign. The Stop/Go sign is a highly visible, interactive checklist that optimizes the preoperative process and enhances patient safety in the OR.  Utilizing this sign, operating room staff can assess the patient’s readiness for the OR from a distance, identify preoperative delays and perform earlier intervention.

The Preoperative Stop/Go Sign, designed by Christopher Connor, M.D., Ph.D. and Mauricio Gonzalez, M.D., consists of a layer of adhesive stickers that form a red “STOP” sign, covering a backing sheet showing a green “GO” sign. As each preoperative step is completed, the associated sticker is removed. Whoever removes the sticker can sign underneath, such that when the patient is ready for the operating room, each box on the "GO" sign contains a signature attesting to completion of that step. Stickers peel away individually and as the sign transforms, it illustrates clearly the patient's progression to readiness. The academic journal Anesthesiology has published the sign in an article titled “Images in Anesthesiology: The Preoperative Stop/Go Sign”, written by the inventors.

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About Plexus Management Group, Inc.

Plexus Management Group, a subsidiary of Anaesthesia Associates of Massachusetts, is a management services organization that identifies and solves the technical, operational, and strategic challenges that face hospitals and physician groups. They specialize in working with anesthesia and pain management practices throughout the United States in academic medical centers and other hospitals, private practice, and ambulatory surgical centers. Originally formed as the back-office of a leading anesthesia group in Massachusetts, Plexus now represents more than thirty practices in ten states. For more information, visit

About Anaesthesia Associates of Massachusetts

Anaesthesia Associates of Massachusetts is committed to unsurpassed excellence in anesthesia care. As the leading provider of anesthesia services in the Northeast, their medical facility partners range from office-based surgery centers to major academic medical centers, and their expertise spans from light sedation for day surgery cases, to complex anesthetic techniques for cutting-edge surgical procedures. Nationally recognized as a leader in both patient safety and O.R. efficiency, their medical facility partners and surgical colleagues trust them to deliver safe, efficient anesthesia care for every patient, every time. For more information, visit

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