Pre-Filled, Flowable Hemostat has customizable consistency.

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Used with or without thrombin in surgical procedures to achieve hemostasis, SURGIFLO(TM) Hemostatic Matrix features flexible tip (FlexTip) for precise placement. Bendable applicator tip has memory capability that ensures it remains at optimum angle to promote ease of access and exact product placement. Product flows into rough or uneven surfaces, providing complete coverage and rapid hemostasis (less than 2 min when mixed with thrombin).

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Johnson & Johnson Wound Management Introduces Applicator Tip that Delivers Hemostat Right Where the Surgeon Needs It

New FlexTip Provides for Ultimate Control and Precise Placement

SOMERVILLE, N.J., Oct. 9 -- Johnson & Johnson Wound Management, a division of ETHICON, INC., announced today the launch of SURGIFLO* Hemostatic Matrix with FlexTip, the only pre-filled, flowable hemostat that offers surgeons the option to customize the consistency of the product, now with a flexible tip for precise placement.

"The new FlexTip enhances my visibility by managing bleeding fast without interfering with my line of sight," said Robert J. Banco, MD, Chief, Spine Section, New England Baptist Hospital. "Since I work through small incisions during minimally invasive spine surgery, the new tip provides easy access to the hard-to-reach bleeding sites."

The new bendable applicator tip has "memory" to ensure it stays at the optimum angle for easier access and exact product placement. The product, SURGIFLO Hemostatic Matrix flows easily into rough or uneven surfaces for complete coverage and rapid hemostasis. When mixed with thrombin, it has been shown to achieve hemostasis in less than two minutes in an in vivo animal spleen model.(1)

"SURGIFLO Hemostatic Matrix provides fast hemostasis during sinus with minimal complications," stated Rick Chandra, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of ENT surgery at the University of Tennessee. "The addition of the FlexTip allows me to navigate through challenging anatomies, permitting accurate placement and minimizing the need to flood cavities with too much product."

SURGIFLO Hemostatic Matrix is indicated for surgical procedures (except urologic and ophthalmic) for hemostasis, when control of capillary, venous and arteriolar bleeding by pressure, ligature and other conventional procedures is ineffective or impractical. SURGIFLO Hemostatic Matrix can be used with or without thrombin to achieve hemostasis.

SURGIFLO Hemostatic Matrix cannot be used in the closure of skin incisions because it may interfere with the healing of skin edges. It is not indicated for use in intravascular compartments because of the risk of embolization. It is not for use in patients with known allergies to porcine gelatin.

SURGIFLO Hemostatic Matrix is not intended as a substitute for meticulous surgical technique and the proper application of ligatures or other conventional procedures for hemostasis. It should not be used in the presence of infection and should be used with caution in contaminated areas of the body. SURGIFLO Hemostatic Matrix should not be used in instances of pumping arterial hemorrhage or where blood or other fluids have pooled or in an instance where the point of hemorrhage is submerged. It should be removed, if possible, once hemostasis is achieved. When using around or in proximity to foramina in bone, areas of bony confine, the spinal cord, and/or the optic nerve and chiasm, SURGIFLO Hemostatic Matrix should not be used for controlling post-partum intrauterine bleeding or menorrhagia.

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Johnson & Johnson Wound Management, a division of ETHICON, INC., a Johnson & Johnson company, continues the company's 100-year commitment to skin and wound care today with inventive products for chronic and acute wound management, and hemostasis. For more information about SURGIFLO Hemostatic Matrix with FlexTip, Johnson & Johnson Wound Management or other ETHICON divisions, call 877-384-4266 in the United States or visit or

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(1) Data on File, ETHICON, INC.

CONTACT: Brieann Szatkowski, ETHICON, INC., +1-908-218-2783

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