Pre-cut Sizes of Polarizing Film and Wave Retarders Save Time and Money

Pre-cut sizes of polarizing film and wave retarders save time and money

Reading, PA — American Polarizers Inc. (API), a world leader in the manufacture of polarized filters and other optical products, has expanded its product offering with pre-cut sizes of acrylic and glass laminated linear polarizers, circular polarizers and wave retarders. API stock sizes now include 25mm (1 inch) and 50mm (2 inch) square or round which are ideal for industrial cameras, machine sensors, microscopes/optics and other devices with small light apertures.

In the past, API’s polarizing and wave retardant materials have been sold either as large sheets or custom cut parts. Additionally, lamination to glass was usually by special order only which took additional time to complete and, depending on the quantity ordered, could carry a premium cost. This was acceptable for large production orders, but not for small runs.

API pre-cut polarizers and wave retarders are a more economical and efficient solution for small research labs, testing procedures and other limited scope projects. Pre-cut API sizes facilitate economy, ease of handling and result in less material going to waste.

Pre-cut API linear and circular polarizers meet application requirements in a wide range of industries including electronics, medical/scientific and equipment/machinery manufacturing. API offers a range of polarizers that perform well in visible, UV and near IR spectrums. API's pre-cut visible light linear and circular polarizers offer high extinction rates, high contrast and are available in a range of standard transmissions from 37% to 42% (before coatings). The glass laminated filters are supplied with HEA broadband anti-reflective (BBAR) coatings on both sides.

API pre-cut quarter wave and half wave retarders are chromatic single layer polycarbonate films. These wave retarders have transmissions of 91% and provide excellent clarity, uniform birefringence, low haze and excellent wide angle view performance. The acrylic and glass laminated stock pre-cut API quarter wave retarder is available in 560nm (140nm OPD) and the half wave retarders is available in 560nm (280nm OPD).  Quarter wave retarders in 500nm (125nm OPD) and 660nm (165nm OPD) retarder values are also available as film or laminated.

In addition, using waterjet and laser cutting technologies, API can readily provide custom sizes and shapes of both polarizers and wave retarders. API can quickly accommodate other sizes due to the fact that API now keeps panels in stock for small production runs. Other options include custom thicknesses, MIL-spec coatings and different types of glass substrates. API provides application assistance, research and development services and small quantity test runs to meet your needs.

American Polarizers is a 2010 Benjamin Franklin Technology Partners Innovation Award winner. Providing innovative optical technology since 1960, American Polarizers supplies products not only for 3D presentation purposes such as in universities and theaters, but also for industrial applications including aerospace/aviation, imaging, inspection/identification, medical/biomedical, nondestructive testing, quality control and test and measurement. The company also offers their 3DLux high-end 3D eyewear and many value added services such as inventorying custom products and just-in-time delivery.

For more information, please contact American Polarizers Inc., 141 South Seventh St., Reading PA 19602. Tel: 610-373-5177. Fax: 610-373-2229. email Web:

3DLux is a registered trademark of American Polarizers Inc., Reading PA

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