PRAB/Monlan Becomes PRAB Fluid Filt Ration Solutions

The diverse fluid filtration and recycling solutions for machining applications previously marketed and sold under the PRAB/Monlan name are now under the PRAB brand.

"For more than half a century, the PRAB name has been synonymous with increased productivity, profitability, safety and environmental compliance related to metal scrap management," said Ned Thompson, President and CEO of PRAB, Inc. "We're pleased to now market our filtration capabilities under the PRAB name, expanding an already broad spectrum of solutions to include fluid filtration. In the end, this change is about providing greater value to our customers, helping them stay competitive and profitable in this new economy."

The change is a result of the PRAB parent company's May 2008 acquisition of The MonlanGroup. Since February 2009, the fluid filtration line has been represented under the PRAB/Monlan brand.

PRAB's extensive line of metal handling and processing solutions includes crushers, shredders, wringers, briquetters, conveyors and related solutions for the machining, stamping and die cast applications. This line now includes the following fluid filtration solutions:

o Tramp oil separators

o Coolant recycling systems

o Vacuum filters

o Centrifuges

o Paper bed filters

o Magnetic separators

o Integrated chip removal and fluid filtration systems

o Ultrafiltration systems

For more information, call 1-800-968-7722.

PRAB is a leading engineer and manufacturer of conveyors and chip and fluid management systems. Its customized solutions automate metal handling, reduce labor costs, reclaim and recycle expensive cutting fluids/coolants and maximize return on recycling metals. With its expertise honed by more than 4,500 installations for the world's leading OEMs and suppliers, PRAB continuously improves material handling, housekeeping and compliance to environmental rules and regulations within the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, defense, off road and energy markets


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