PR Hoffman Custom Builds First Servo RS 6600 Series Double-Sided Grinding and Polishing Machine for Sydor Optics

Sydor Optics (ITAR Registered, ISO 9001:2008 Certified) is excited to announce their new double-sided grinding and polishing capabilities with the addition of the PR Hoffman Servo RS 6600 machine. The 6600 was custom engineered by PR Hoffman based on Sydor's need for a thinner center thickness on large format optics. The older Mark IV double-sided machines were capable of polishing parts up to 24” in diameter down to a 3mm thickness. The new 6600 can polish the same 24" part but now achieve a thickness down to 0.8mm with the goal of hitting 0.5mm with further process development.

In addition to achieving a thinner center thickness the 6600 will allow for more control over surface flatness, surface quality and TTV. These capabilities mean that Sydor now has the ability to manufacture larger windows (debris shields, HUDs etc.) with a reduced lead time.

The first and second 6600 machine was a custom modification of one of Sydor's existing PR Hoffman Servo RS Mark IV double-sided machines. As a result of the successful deployment of the 6600, PR Hoffman will be offering the new machine as part of their standard product line. Sydor recently placed an order for a 3rd 6600 and will be the first to receive one fresh off of the production line. The 3rd machine should be operational by May 2015.

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