PQ Pass-Thru™ Power Recorder/Analyzer features internal communications.

Press Release Summary:

PQ Pass-Thru™ Power Recorder/Analyzer is integrated with dual cellular antennas and can be connected to Ethernet. Unit is used to monitor and record ac power feeding and is suitable for medical, laboratory and sensitive electronic equipment applications. Product offers daily or weekly reports and notifications when there is a power failure. Analyzer is equipped with Lab PQube3® multi-function power quality and energy meter.

Original Press Release:

PowerCET’s PQ Pass-Thru Efficiently Resolves “Power Good/Bad” as Potential Cause of Equipment Malfunction

Self-contained plug-and-play unit assesses the power source connected to medical, laboratory and other sensitive electronic equipment; “Power Quality Service Call in a Box” eliminates multiple service calls often required to isolate causes of failure; cellular communication provides reports of recorded data and events by email

PowerCET announces the introduction the PQ Pass-Thru™ power recorder/analyzer designed reduce the costs and time-frame involved in determining if operational problems with sensitive electronic equipment are caused by power problems – or not. The small, compact and self-contained unit can be shipped via overnight delivery service, thus eliminating the time and expense of a service technician visit to the site. The portable PQ Pass-Thru is connected between the wall receptacle and equipment requiring service. It immediately begins to monitor and record the quality of the ac power feeding the equipment. Access to the PQ Pass-thru is via its internal cellular communications. The device can deliver daily or weekly reports as well as immediate notification of a power quality event. When a subsequent problem occurs with the sensitive equipment, it can then be correlated with power disturbances – or power can be definitively ruled out as the cause.

Power quality is often suspected as the cause of malfunctions of medical diagnostic devices and other sensitive electronic systems. The investigation process typically involves sending a technician to the site to set up a power quality monitor and then requires additional visits to collect and analyze the recorded data. This process can easily take weeks before determining if “bad” power is the root of the problem.

“The PQ Pass-Thru ‘Power Quality Service Call in a Box’ enables field service groups to respond to customer concerns swiftly, professionally and very economically,” reported Michael Daish, PowerCET’s VP Sales & Marketing. “Field service engineer visits, plane trips and truck-rolls to trouble sites are time consuming and expensive. Especially if multiple trips are needed to successfully set up monitors and retrieve data.”

At the heart of the PQ Pass-Thru is the Power Standards Lab PQube3® multi-function power quality and energy meter. In addition, the unit is equipped with dual cellular antennas. The unit can also be connected to local Ethernet, if cell service is not available.

Pricing: $7,950 (base sales price) ; $750 (rental cost/per month)

Delivery: 2 weeks, ARO

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