PPS Staple Fibers suit high-temperature applications.

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Made with Fortron® PPS, monocomponent Staple Fibers are available in cut lengths of 0.25-6 in. with deniers from 2-3, tenacity of 4.0 g/denier, elongation of 50%, and less than 2% shrinkage at 170°C. Crimp levels range from uncrimped to 12 crimps/in. Fortron® linear PPS has continuous use temperature to 200°C and is inherently flame retardant. It withstands acids and bases from pH of 2-12 and is stable when exposed to oxidizing bleaches and organic solvents.

Original Press Release:

Fiber Innovation Technology Offers Full Line of PPS Staple Fibers

Florence, Ky.; Kelsterbach, Germany, June 1, 2005 - Fiber Innovation Technology, Inc. has begun offering a full line of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) monocomponent staple fibers for applications that involve high temperatures and challenging chemical conditions.

The fibers, which are made with Fortron® PPS from Ticona, the technical polymers business of the Celanese Corporation, have deniers from 2 to 3 and are available in cut lengths of 0.25 to 6 in. (6 to 152 mm). They also have crimp levels from uncrimped to 12 crimps/in., a tenacity of 4.0 gm/denier, an elongation of 50 percent, and less than 2 percent shrinkage at 170°C.

"In addition to standard round cross sections, we can produce our PPS staple fibers in almost any other shape, size and cut length," says Brad Willingham, President of Fiber Innovation Technology. "We began producing these fibers because of the growing demand for advanced filtration materials that perform well in industrial pollution control applications involving hot gases and liquids. We're also seeing a call for such fibers in a range of new composite materials, as well as in aerospace and other markets."

Fortron® linear PPS has a continuous use temperature to 200°C and is inherently flame retardant. It has excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance, e.g., it withstands acids and bases from a pH of 2 to 12 and is stable when exposed to oxidizing bleaches and organic solvents. It is used in most extrusion processes, including those for staple fibers, monofilament, multifilament, meltblown fabrics and films. Its applications range from bag houses and other pollution control systems to paper machine drier fabrics and food process screens to aircraft structural components.

For more information
For information about Fiber Innovation Technology and its products, contact: Mike Hodge, Fiber Innovation Technology, 398 Innovation Dr., Johnson City, TN 37604; 423-232-0072, Fax: 423-232-1308; mhodge@fitfibers.com, Or visit: www.fitfibers.com

For information on Fortron PPS, contact: Ticona, 8040 Dixie Highway Florence, KY 41042, USA. Phone: 1-800-833-4882. Email: prodinfo@ticona.com. In Europe: Ticona GmbH, Professor-Staudinger-Straße, D-65451 Kelsterbach, Germany. Phone: +49-(0)180-584-2662 (DE) or +49-(0)693-051-6299 (EU). Email: infoservice@ticona.de. Or visit: www.ticona.com.

About Fiber Innovation Technology
Fiber Innovation Technology, Inc. manufactures specialty synthetic fibers for demanding textiles and nonwovens uses in Johnson City, Tenn. Its products include staple fibers, filament yarns, bicomponent fibers and specialty cross sections made from a wide range of thermoplastic. Its specialty line includes concentric and eccentric sheath and core fibers, as well as constructions like side-by-side and pie wedge. For more information, see: www.fitfibers.com.

About Ticona and Celanese
Ticona Technical Polymers is one of the businesses of Celanese Corporation. Ticona produces and markets a broad range of engineering polymers and achieved sales of $863 million in 2004. Ticona has approximately 2,000 employees at production, compounding and research facilities in the USA, Germany and Brazil.

Celanese Corporation (NYSE:CE) is an integrated global producer of value-added industrial chemicals based in Dallas, Texas. The Company is the #1 or #2 producer of products comprising the majority of its sales and has four major businesses: Chemicals Products, Technical Polymers Ticona, Acetate Products and Performance Products. Celanese has 29 production plants with major operations in North America, Europe and Asia. In 2004, Celanese Corporation and its predecessor had combined net sales of $5.1 billion.

For further information about Ticona and Celanese, please visit our websites: www.ticona.com and www.celanese.com.

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