Powered Vacuum Lifter Lets One Person Safely Feed Stamping Presses

A line of vacuum lifters featuring standard frames that accommodate custom beams and pad attachments designed for handling long and bent sheet metal loads is available from Anver Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

Anver VPF-57 Vacuum Lifters are below-the-hook units that can be fitted with custom beams for handling long, bent, awkward loads in metal stamping, cutting, and assembly operations. Equipped with extra-long handles that adjust 36" to keep operators safely away from the equipment, they let one person perform tasks that would have previously required several workers.

Available with compressed-air, 115/240 VAC, or battery powered vacuum stations, Anver VPF-57 Vacuum Lifters can incorporate integrated pendant controls or handles with fingertip controls. Offered with a wide range
of vacuum pad attachments that can be easily repositioned along the beam, these lifters are available with capacities up to 4,000 lbs.

Anver VPF-57 Vacuum Lifters are priced from $1,995.00, depending upon configuration. Literature and quotations are provided on request.

For more information contact:

Anver Corporation
Scott Dillon, Group Manager
36 Parmenter Rd.
Hudson, MA 01749
(800) 654-3500 FAX (978) 568-1570
e-mail: sdillon@anver.com

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