Powered Storage System detects entire floor surface of aisle.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to provide storage and filing solution for modern workspace environments, SafeAisle(TM) High-Density Powered Mobile Storage System uses LED Guard Technology to detect entire floor surface of aisle for safety. As soon as, and as long as, user or object is in aisle, built-in total detection safeguard prevents movement of any carriage. System includes visual backlit indicators, audio feedback, adjustable IR distance measuring sensors, and PDA-friendly WiFi remote control.

Original Press Release:

Montel Introduces the User-Friendly SafeAisle(TM) High-Density Powered Mobile Storage System

Montel, a global leader of high-density mobile storage shelving system solutions for office, institutional and industrial applications, today introduced SafeAisle(TM), its newly designed user-friendly high-density powered mobile storage system. Designed to provide innovative storage and filing solutions for modern workspace environments, Montel's new SafeAisle high-density powered mobile storage system adds a new dimension to safety by detecting the entire floor surface of an aisle. With refined aesthetic and inherent design flexibility, SafeAisle offers enhanced standards in safety, reliability, user-friendliness, and productivity.

"Montel is very proud today to introduce its new user-friendly SafeAisle high-density powered mobile storage system," explained Jerome Doucet, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Montel. "For high-density powered mobile storage systems, Montel has added a new dimension to safety entirely with the most simplicity. With SafeAisle, Montel has revolutionized powered storage systems by setting new standards for safety, reliability, simplicity of operation, and productivity."

SafeAisle offers flexibility to design a storage system that will solution today's modern workspace environment storage needs with state-of-the-art options permitting reconfigurations and future upgrades for tomorrow's evolving space storage needs. SafeAisle provides flexibility to select innovative design and security features for maximum productivity and adaptability.

In a continuous improvement process to provide a high-quality storage product that meets the files and storage workspace environment needs and expectations of its clients, SafeAisle was developed with the highest standards of quality for safety, security, performance and durability.

Thriving on continuous innovation, SafeAisle was developed with a unique technology so that people and objects within the aisle can be totally detected and their safety assured. With its complete aisle-detection LED Guard Technology, SafeAisle detects the entire floor surface of an aisle. "As soon as, and as long as, a user or an object is in an aisle, the built-in total detection safeguard prevents the movement of any carriage," mentioned Pascal Gagnon, Vice President Engineering at Montel. "The mobile system does not move, preventing users from potentially being trapped or injured. Furthermore, wheelchairs, stools, carts, books, and even small objects cannot be damaged, shifted, or otherwise affected. There is no conscious effort required to activate the safety system."

SafeAisle allows several trendy design features in storage solutions with its customizing possibilities. SafeAisle is offered in extensive appealing standard colors, metallic paint colors, custom colors, textured steel panels, perforated steel panel patterns, laminated and thermoformed panels, and other finishing materials.

Recognizing the importance of manufacturing upscale products that meet and exceed environmental standards while focusing on green-building initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable workspace environment, SafeAisle has been developed to comply and surpass environmental initiatives, as well as provide many years of trouble-free service. More specifically, a SafeAisle powered system:

o Conserves space

o Reduces operating costs

o Improves sustainable workspace environment

o Enhances building and organizational marketability

o Increases employee productivity

Listed hereafter are the new key enhanced features of Montel's SafeAisle:

o LED Guard Technology (Complete aisle-detection passive safety system) Patent Pending

o Simple no-reset control

o Trendy design controls

o LED-friendly visual backlit indicators

o Audio feedback available (Adjustable sound, multilingual)

o Indicator lights (Locked, system error)

o Selection of control unit colors (Black, silver, charcoal grey)

o Adjustable infrared distance measuring sensors

o Entering opening aisle

o Entering closing aisle/programmable automatic carriage reversal

o Multi-tasking aisles

o PDA-friendly Wi-Fi remote control

o Sequential move or block move

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