PowerBoss Is Committed to the Blue Movement

PowerBoss is striving to promote cleaner air and cleaner oceans by reducing pollution, ozone-depleting emissions, and promoting a healthier, safer work environment. All PowerBoss machines contain features that support the Blue efforts. To employ the Blue Movement throughout the line, the features of each machine have been broken down and analyzed to sustain environmentally-friendly and operator-friendly operation.

o Water Conservation - Aqua-Stop saves water usage by 50%, water is released through a pump system providing greater control of water usage than gravity systems and keeps water and chemical within the brush where it belongs
o Clean Air - High-performance filter system dramatically reduces the release of dust and debris back into the air, dust vacuum ensures that dust is put directly into the hopper, bristle pattern on main broom increases dust control
o Lower Emissions - All gas and LP engines meet Tier 2 specifications, catalyst mufflers, battery or diesel operated machines available, bio-diesel fuel can be used in machines with a Kubota engine
o Safer Work Environment - Orange machines are highly visible to others in the workplace, simple controls reduce operator error, one-button scrub, horn, fire in hopper indicator, effective braking system, parabolic squeegee picks up all water leaving the scrub path virtually dry for traffic, seat equipped with safety shut-off switch, also available: overhead guard, back-up alarm, warning beacon
o Clean Energy - Battery operated available, bio-diesel fuel can be used in Kubota engines
o Lower Chemical Reliance - Aqua-Stop saves chemical usage by 50%, pump system for water and chemical release allows for better control of chemical usage, chemical metering system is available as an option and regulates chemical usage to the correct dose

Features listed are general for PowerBoss equipment; each machine has different features and therefore, may or may not fill all of the features listed above.

For further information on PowerBoss' commitment to the Blue Movement, please contact PowerBoss at Phone: 910-944-2105, or visit www.powerboss.com,

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