Power-Train System targets tracked vehicles over 65 tons.

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Designed for front and rear drive MBTs and IFVs, Power-Train System features battle-proven suspension system, which replaces torsion bars with helical springs, enabling operation in all terrains. Main automatic transmission transfers 1,500 bhp from engine to planetary final drives, which are mounted on front of vehicle. By optimizing mobility and maneuverability of vehicles, power train maximizes survivability on battlefield while delivering g-1 Level comfort.

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Eurosatory 2012: Ashot Ashkelon Launches Unique Power-Train System for +65 Ton Tracked Vehicles, Delivering Exceptional Mobility and Maneuverability

This front and rear drive system withstands extremely heavy loads, delivers a high level of survivability, while providing high level of comfort

Ashkelon, Israel, - Ashot Ashkelon Industries Ltd. - a leader in the design and manufacture of mobility solutions for MBTs, APCs, IFV's and Tungsten armor penetrators - launches its unique propulsion system, a Power-Train system, for MBT's & IFVs over 65 tons, for the first time at Eurosatory, June 11-15, Paris, Booth #D749 at Hall 6. The company's systems enable exceptional mobility and maneuverability for the heaviest front and rear drive vehicles, significantly increasing survivability, while providing high level of comfort.

Ashot Ashkelon is among the first, and one of the few in the world, to focus on Power-Train systems for the heaviest vehicles +65 ton IFVs. The company's system delivers a high level of comfort - achieving g-1 Level. In addition, due to their exceptional mobility and maneuverability, they dramatically increase survivability and efficiency on the battlefield - while decreasing the level of maintenance required.

Ashot's modern power-train system - which was developed in cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) - is operational and battle-proven, and is being used by the IDF on its Merkava-style MBT's, Namer IFV's and other vehicles.

The system includes the following:

Helical Spring Suspension System

The modified and improved solution provides a state-of-the-art, battle-proven suspension system that operates in all terrains, including deserts and over boulders. The uniqueness of the system lies in the absence of the torsion bars, which are typically used in similar systems. In Ashot's new system, they are replaced by Helical Springs. This technological breakthrough ensures a comfortable ride, reliability, and maintainability - with much more efficient servicing in the case of mechanical problems.

Planetary Final Drives

Ashot Ashkelon is among the first - and one of the few in the world - to offer a Final Drive system with such high power rates, that is mounted on the front of the vehicle, and has the capability to withstand heavy loads up to 1500BHP for +65 ton vehicles.

Main Automatic Transmission

The solution's Main Automatic Transmission transfers the 1,500 BHP from the engine to the Final Drives.

The company will also display a unique arms solution that is being used by the IDF:

Tungsten Penetrators

Ashot is a primary source for tungsten-based heavy metal products for the Defense and Aerospace industries. The company's Tungsten Penetrators act as the front line of the IDF MBT's fire power against any threat of armored vehicles in the battlefield.

All of Ashot Ashkelon's solutions and products are operational and have been extensively field-tested and battle-proven. They have been purchased by various Ministries of Defense such as the Israel Defense Forces, US TACOM Warren, Turkish MOD, and others.

According to Yaron Gilboa, Ashot Ashkelon's VP Marketing & Business Development, "We are pleased to expand the range of our solutions, and to be among the first to offer a powerful power-train system capable of withstanding heavy loads of over 65 tons. Our goal is to develop solutions that ensure high survivability, mobility, and maneuverability, as well as maximum comfort. We develop our systems in cooperation with the IDF in order to ensure the optimum fit with customer requirements."

About Ashot Ashkelon

Ashot Ashkelon, a subsidiary of the Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI), provides Built-to-Print & Built-to-Spec capabilities of Suspensions Systems, Main Automatic Transmissions, Final Drives, Transfer Boxes, Drop Boxes, and PTOs. The company also offers a wide range of gear-based assemblies and shafts for Main Battle Tanks such as the Merkava and Abrams, Heavy & Light Armored Personal Carriers (Tracked & Wheeled) such as the Namer IFV, as well as M113 and various other defense applications. Ashot is also a developer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art sintered Tungsten Armor Penetrators, Fragments, and balance weights. Ashot engineers and program managers have strong military backgrounds, having served as high-ranking officers, in the field of armored vehicle design and demands. The company combines innovative engineering, flexible design, and high quality production capabilities into a unique process based on over 45 years of experience and a close ongoing relationship with the Israel Defense Forces, spanning every armored vehicle ever designed. Its solutions and products - which can be customized for any vehicle required, have been purchased by the Israel Defense Forces, various Ministries of Defense, US Army TACOM Warren, the Turkish MOD, and others. All products have been tried and tested by dozens of armed forces on the most demanding battlefields, including Afghanistan.

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