Power Tool Parts prevent assembly line damage to products.

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Offered in 165 part types, Apex® u-Guard(TM) power tool sockets, extensions, and bit holders are encased in protective skin that prevents in-system damage such as chips, scratches, dents, and dings dealt to products during assembly. Each tool features free-spinning design that lets molded skin rotate independently of socket, bit, or extension spinning inside. This lets workers grip skin and avoid potentially harmful contact with contained tool.

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Cooper Power Tools Introduces APEX U-Guard Line that Prevents Costly Assembly Line Damage to Products

LEXINGTON, S.C., July 18, 2006 - Cooper Power Tools today introduced a breakthrough line of power tool sockets, extensions and bit holders encased in a protective skin that prevents costly product damage on assembly lines during the fastening process.

The new Apex® u-Guard(TM) line gives manufacturers a new weapon against In-System Damage (ISD) - chips, scratches, dents and dings that occur during product assembly. ISD can cost a single assembly plant millions of dollars each year in time, labor and product rework.

"The Apex u-Guard line's ability to directly reduce ISD costs makes it the most significant breakthrough in industrial bits and sockets in more than 20 years," said Mike Stegmann, product manager, Cooper Power Tools. "This is especially true for industries that have large, costly and complex final products, such as automobile and aircraft assembly."

The Apex u-Guard line's protective skin is made of an elastomer blend that is soft enough to protect assembled products from damage caused by incidental contact with swinging tools, yet tough enough to resist punctures and endure shift after shift of operation with minimal wear. The elastomer skin also exceeds the limitations of nylon-based cover material, making it suitable for use in bodywork (pre-paint) applications.

The Apex u-Guard line of tools offers the tightest tolerances in the industry and delivers a sure, exact fit with the fastener. Each tool features a unique "free-spinning" design that allows the molded skin to rotate independently of the socket, bit or extension spinning inside, so workers can grip the skin and avoid potentially harmful contact with the contained tool. This enhances productivity, reduces worker fatigue, and protects against potential safety hazards that result from rotational friction.

Stegmann said there are limited protective alternatives on the market, typically made by small shops that do not manufacture the core power tools. Their protective solutions either wear out quickly or offer no worker safety or productivity-enhancing features.

The Apex u-Guard line of products is now available in 165 initial part types, each listed in a published price list. For additional information or a copy of a new brochure, contact your local Apex representative or visit www.CooperPowerTools.com.

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