Power System increases efficiency of electrical motors.

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Powergy(TM) Clean Power System combines power factor correction, surge and spike suppression, and noise filtration in one sealed, maintenance-free unit. It helps increase efficiency of motors in manufacturing and industrial applications.

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Alco's Powergy(TM) Clean Power System Saves Energy and Cuts Costs

Innovative Power Factor Correction and Surge Suppression Technologies Combine To Increase Efficiency of Electrical Motors in Manufacturing and Industrial Applications

All manufacturing and industrial consumers of electricity now have a proven, economical solution for improving efficiency and reducing costs with the Powergy(TM) Clean Power System (CPS) by ALCO Engineering of Cranston, RI. The Powergy CPS combines time-tested power factor correction and surge suppression technologies in one efficient, uniquely designed, maintenance-free unit.

"Ever since Ben Franklin proved the existence of electricity with a key and a kite one stormy night in 1752, engineers have been finding new and better ways to harness its potential," says
William Moclair, general manager of ALCO Engineering. "Powergy's unique application of power factor correction, surge and spike suppression, and noise filtration helps companies achieve greatly improved efficiencies and measurable savings in the use of electrical motors, pumps, and turbines."

According to Moclair, ALCO engineers can closely estimate what a plant's energy and cost savings would be if they installed Powergy CPS units. They review utility bills and rate structures and meter power consumption at key locations throughout the site. Once the assessment is complete, engineers then recommend the quantity, type, and placement of Powergy units that would result in the greatest benefit.

"During our assessment we look at load profiles, demand charges, power factor penalties, and the location of induction motor equipment in relation to meters and transformers," Moclair explains. "Whether a utility service provider bills for demand in kW or kVA, we can determine quite accurately the reductions in energy consumption and cost that Powergy can achieve by
calculating the ratios between active, reactive, and total power used.

"ALCO's goal is to improve a facility's power factor to .95 or better," Moclair continues. "As state and federal governments become more and more concerned with energy conservation, this
kind of efficiency achieved with Powergy can be crucial to a company's survival."

ALCO's line of Clean Power Systems is available in three models -Powergy, which includes power factor correction, surge and spike suppression, and noise filtration; Power Sync, which provides power factor correction for smaller kVAR load applications; and Defender, an industrial surge suppression system. All CPS models are sealed, solid state, and maintenance free. They can be shipped direct to consumer for plug-and-play installation or customized on site by ALCO's Powergy engineering team.

ALCO Engineering is a division of Thielsch Engineering of Cranston, RI, specializing in the design, implementation and maintenance of instrument and control systems. For the past 25
years, ALCO has built its reputation on superior systems design capabilities and a thorough understanding of its customers' needs. ALCO's services and fabricated equipment are marketed
directly to the end user.

For more information on ALCO's Powergy CPS line of energy- and cost-saving products, call ALCO Engineering at 401-467-4448 or visit them on the Web at www.powergy.com.

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