Power Supplies offer selectable voltage input.

Press Release Summary:

Series MK, MR and ML ac/dc modular power supplies have optional 115/220 Vac selectable input for use in U.S. and European applications. Switch, located on front panel, sets appropriate mains input. Series MR power supplies range from 0 to 5kV. Series ML power supplies range from 8 to 60kV, at 300 W power output. Series MK models range from 0 to 60kV, at 75 W power output. All series meet CE Mark certification. Optional 100 Vac input is suitable for Japan.

Original Press Release:

Glassman High Voltage Introduces Selectable Input Option On MR And MK Series AC/DC High Voltage Power Supplies

Glassman High Voltage, Inc., High Bridge, NJ, one of the leading suppliers of high voltage DC power supplies, has announced that it is now offering it's customers the option of 115V/220VAC selectable input on its MK, MR and ML models of AC/DC modular power supplies. Until now, each unit had to be ordered separately with either 115V OR 220V. The new input selectable models will have a switch located on the front panel in order to set the appropriate mains input.

"Many of our OEM customers utilizing MR and MK series' models provide their equipment to end users in both the US (115V) and European (220V) configuration. Now they can satisfy each market requirement with a single selectable input model," According to Jeremy Simon, Director of Sales and Marketing for Glassman. "This new option is our direct response to the needs of our OEM customers.

Mr. Simon added, "Glassman is committed to its world-wide customer base and we are dedicated to satisfying their product requirements to the fullest extent possible. Not only are we the leading High Voltage DC power supply provider to US corporate, university and public laboratories, but we are making significant inroads and gaining greater market share in the multi-market Original Equipment Manufacturing sector. Our willingness to invest in our customers' specific high voltage needs and provide the highest quality product has been the cornerstone of our leadership position since 1977."

Glassman MR power supplies range from 0-5kV with the ML series continuing from 8-60kV at 300 Watts of power output. The MK series ranges from 0-60kV at 75 Watt power output. Both units have applications in a wide range of areas including Capillary Electrophoresis, PET Imaging, DNA Sequencers and laboratory applications. In addition, The MK MR and ML series models meet CE Mark certification. Glassman also offers a 100 VAC input option for users in Japan.

More information on the new selectable input models, as well as the entire line of Glassman High Voltage products is available by contacting Glassman High Voltage, Inc at 908-638-3800 or at www.glassmanhv.com. In addition to the new selectable input models, Mr. Simon indicated that Glassman would also introduce a new digital interface for power supply communication and control in the near future.

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