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Power Supplies (2,400 W) come in DIN rail mount package.

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Power Supplies (2,400 W) come in DIN rail mount package.

Dec 03, 2012 - Comprised of 3-phase, 340–550 Vac/520–750 Vdc, 2,400 W power supplies, XCSG series includes models XCSG2401C/D/G/R with respective outputs of 12–28 V, 23–56 V, 34–86 V, and 100–185 V and output currents of 100, 50, 33, and 14 A. All versions are programmable via 4 integrated buttons and LCD or connector to USB interface. Series XCSG2400 has internal MPU that controls power supply functions. Other features include +50% overload capacity (5 sec) and remote On/OFF with no delay.

Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. - Mechanicsburg, PA

Original Press Release

Power Supply Product Release 2400 Watt

Press release date: Nov 17, 2012

ASI announces a feature enhancement to its suite of 2400 Watt power supplies.   The XCSG family provides the high end process customer confidence in a 3 phase 340..550Vac / 520…750Vdc 2400 Watt power supply in four different product offerings with varying output voltage ranges:
Part Number Output Voltage Output Current
XCSG2401C 12…28V 100A
XCSG2401D 23…56V 50A
XCSG2401G 34…86V 33A
XCSG2401R 100…185V 14A

The new feature is the power supply now is equipped with a connector interface for programming ease.   All of the versions will now be programmable in two methods, either with the four integrated buttons and LCD display or with the new connector to USB interface.  The Series XCSG2400 contains an internal microprocessor that controls the various power supply functions which are now even more easily programmed with the two options available.  Software and an interface cable, provided separately, make the advanced features accessible for the programmer, but with the connector interface selected, it is virtually tamper resistant.

Other noteworthy product features include overload capacity +50% for 5 seconds, remote On/OFF with no delay, battery charger mode with battery temperature control all packaged in a compact 9.2”L X 4.1” W X 5.1”H din rail mount package.  Additionally, the power supply has the capacity for data monitoring and storage if a power outage occurs.  Please see for all detailed specifications and information.