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Power Relay incorporates latching technology.

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Power Relay incorporates latching technology.

Feb 06, 2014 - Featuring single latching coil, Model AZ21501P is available with 1 Form A, B, and C contacts and UL recognized contact ratings of 30, 40, or 50 A at 277 Vac. Dielectric strength is 2,500 Vrms contact to coil and 1,500 Vrms between open contacts. Measuring 1.279 x 1.087 x 0.807 in., relay is suitable for energy smart power receptacles, lighting controls, or smart meters. Epoxy sealed version is available.

American Zettler, Inc. - Aliso Viejo, CA

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American Zettler Releases 30A-50A Latching Relay in Smallest Package

Press release date: Dec 16, 2013

Aliso Viejo, CA — In its most recent effort to remain a leader in latching relays for energy management and lighting controls, American Zettler unveiled a new 30A-50A relay in the smallest package size yet. The AZ21501P utilizes the packaging and footprint from the industry-standard AZ2150 and AZ21501 relays, and it incorporates latching technology to make an ideal relay for small enclosures.

The AZ21501P has a single latching coil, and it can come with UL recognized 30A, 40A, or 50A@277VAC contact ratings. Its low package height makes it the perfect choice for energy smart power receptacles, lighting controls, or smart meters. Based on the tried-and-true design of the AZ21501, the AZ21501P has reliability “designed in.”

The standard, non-latching coil version of this relay consumes nearly 1W of power. That can generate measurable heat, if it is energized for long periods of time. In enclosed spaces, every degree counts! Now, with little more than a software change to the coil circuit, the AZ21501P can turn your standard product into an energy-efficient class leader. Contact our Applications Engineers for more details. Once again, American Zettler is proving to be on the cutting edge of latching relay design.

Full specs are available at  For more information, contact your local American Zettler representative or contact us directly at .

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