Power MOSFETs boost output current in DC/DC converters.

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Comprised of RJK0305DPB high-side device and RJK0301DPB low-side device, power MOSFET chip set can achieve up to 90% accuracy in DC-DC converter with 12 V input and 1.3 V/20 A output. Product components, manufactured in LFPAK (Loss-Free Package), exhibit power loss of 2.9 W. They are suited for DC-DC converters that change 12 or 19 V input into 0.8-2.5 V output typically used by circuits in servers, notebook PCs, and communication devices.

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Renesas Technology Announces High-Efficiency Power Mosfets For DC/DC Converters That Can Boost Power Supply Output Current By Up To 15 Percent

Built with a new process, the low-side and high-side devices achieve the industry's highest power efficiency, 90 percent, so power supplies can be smaller and deliver more current

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 13, 2005 - Renesas Technology Corp. today announced a power MOSFET chip set that achieves 90 percent power efficiency in a DC-DC converter with a 12-Volt input and 1.3-Volt/20-Ampere output. This is the highest efficiency in the industry. In converters used in servers, notebook PCs, communication devices and many other products, the lower power loss of the RJK0305DPB high-side device and RJK0301DPB low-side device combine to allow engineers to increase the output current by about 15 percent compared with converters built with previous Renesas MOSFETs. In turn, this improvement makes possible the design of smaller power supplies with increased current capacity.

An advanced Renesas manufacturing process specifically optimized for semiconductors for power supply applications enables the chip set's benefits. For example, the new process enhances the high-speed performance of the RJK0305DPB, reducing the MOSFET switching loss that normally increases at higher frequencies. Now DC-DC converters can operate more efficiently when running at the widely used 1-MHz fast rate.

Product Background

As system processing speeds rise, the CPU, memory and other electronic components consume greater amounts of power. To cope with this, engineers seek improvements in the power efficiency and output current of DC-DC converters that provide power to these chips. Heat generation due to power loss limits the output current of such converters. Thus, the engineers demand better MOSFETs, which are among the converter components associated with the greatest amount of power loss.

Renesas Technology mass-produces power MOSFETs and uses various techniques to achieve low loss: a trench-gate process, improved packages, etc. These devices are popular solutions for DC-DC converters. To enable the larger currents and further miniaturization that future converter designs will require, Renesas has further extended its power MOSFET high-efficiency technology and also has developed a new manufacturing process optimized for power supply components. The RJK0305DPB and RJK0301DPB power MOSFET chip set, the first product built with this new process, delivers greatly improved performance.

Additional Product Details

The new chip set comprises an RJK0305DPB high-side power MOSFET and an RJK0301DPB low-side power MOSFET. The devices are ideal for DC-DC converters that change a 12-Volt or 19-Volt input voltage into the 0.8-Volt to 2.5-Volt output voltage typically used by circuits in servers, notebook PCs, and communication devices.

With Renesas' enhanced semiconductor manufacturing process, the chip set significantly boosts the maximum attainable power supply efficiency. For a DC-DC converter with a 12-Volt input voltage, 1.3-Volt output voltage, and 20-Ampere output current, the efficiency can reach 90 percent when the RJK0305DPB and RJK0301DPB MOSFETs are used, up from the 87.5 percent obtained with previous Renesas devices. Moreover, power loss drops by approximately 22 percent, from 3.7 Watts to 2.9 Watts, making possible an approximately 15 percent improvement in power supply output current with no change in thermal radiation conditions.

Technical details of the power MOSFETs:

The RJK0305DPB and RJK0301DPB chips are built with a new manufacturing process and have designs carefully tuned to obtain the best possible performance for the different functions they implement in DC-DC converter designs. Specifically, the RJK0305DPB device has a drain-gate charge (Qgd) approximately 15 percent lower than previous Renesas products. This improves its switching speed, which is a crucial issue for the high-side element. By contrast, the RJK0301DPB offers an approximately 20 percent reduction in on-resistance. This decreases conduction loss, which is an important parameter for the low-side element.

The package for both MOSFETS is an LFPAK (Loss-Free Package: Renesas package code). The high-thermal-radiation, low-inductance package has a solid track record in high-efficiency power supply applications, allowing control of larger currents.

Renesas Technology will continue to extend its line of power MOSFET products employing the newly developed process. The development of SOP-8 mounted models is underway, as are 60-Volt and 100-Volt VDSS products. These future devices will expand the range of applications to encompass insulating DC-DC converters for communication devices.

Prices and Availability
Product Name    RJK0305DPB             RJK0301DPB

Use High-side element Low-side element

(Renesas package code) (Renesas package code)

Quantity 10,000 10,000

Sample Price/ $1.0/ $1.5/
Availability June 2005 June 2005

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