Power Modules suit high frequency and pulse-load applications.

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Available in single and dual pad frame types, SOT-227 Power Modules meet requirements of single, dual, or multi-chip die designs. Units are supplied with electrically isolated copper baseplate and aluminum nitride or Alumina substrate to ensure isolation at 3,000 Vrms. Featuring wire-bonded internal connections and screwable electrical terminals, modules support thermal resistance of 40°C/W (junction-to-ambient) and 0.18 to 0.6°C/W (junction-to-case) along with power dissipation of 110–700 W.

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America Semiconductor Announces the Availability of SOT-227 Standard Power Packages

Modules Optimized for High-Efficiency Performance in Power Conversion Applications

Union, NJ -- Announced today by America Semiconductor, LLC, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-industry high-power semiconductors, today released SOT-227 standard power modules. Engineered for high frequency and pulse-load applications, and to meet the requirements of single, dual or multi-chip die designs,  the modules are offered in single pad (Pad A) and dual pad (Pad D and E) frame types.  These low-cost devices are supplied with an electrically isolated copper (99% purity, C10200) baseplate and aluminum nitride (AIN) or Alumina substrate to ensure isolation at 3,000 Vrms, with very low thermal resistance.  Moreover, the baseplate is exposed to allow direct mounting to the heatsink, therefore meeting the industry standard for safety.

Featuring a low inductance design, America Semiconductor's SOT-227 standard power packages are ideally suited for a range of industrial applications in which an ultra high power density and low profile isolated case is required.  The modules are commonly used in power transistor, rectifier and thyristor applications, and are commonly specified for employment in uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), elevators, escalators, welding and induction heating, motor controls, variable speed drives, switch mode power supplies, robotics, and telecom equipment.

The SOT-227 supports a thermal resistance of 40° C/W (junction-to-ambient) and 0.18 to 0.6° C/W (junction-to-case) along with power dissipation of 110 to 700 W.  The module features wire-bonded internal connections and screwable electrical terminals to prevent axial pull-outs and further ensure reliable performance.

Customers may call America Semiconductor at 908-810-SEMI(7364) or email info@americasemi.com for a list of authorized distributors.  Additional information may be found at www.americasemi.com,

About America Semiconductor:

Headquartered in Union, NJ, America Semiconductor is a global leader in the manufacturing of mission-critical, high-power semiconductors, low-power semiconductors and discrete semiconductor components to help OEM companies solve their design challenges.  With over 50 years of accumulated expertise in the semiconductor industry, America Semiconductor’s rugged high-reliability high-power standard, fast and super-fast recovery rectifiers, low-power and bridge rectifiers, diacs, IGBT modules, SCRs, Triacs,  Shottky and Zener diodes are employed in an array of industries including alternative energy, oil drilling, power grid, welding, HVAC, and transportation.  The company operates a meticulous quality control program and extensive supply chain.  America Semiconductor's parts are available exclusively through a global network of distributors.

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