Power Manager/Charger provides 13 V overvoltage protection.

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Combining monolithic linear power manager, diode controller, and standalone battery charger, Model LTC4067 is intended for portable devices and battery backup systems. PowerPath(TM) control provides power to peripheral device and also charges single-cell Li-Ion/Polymer battery from USB bus or wall adapter power supply. Battery float voltage is preset at 4.2 V with 0.8% accuracy. Housed in 4 x 3 mm DFN package, unit provides up to 1.5 A programmable charge current and operates from -40 to 85°C.

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USB Power Manager & Li-Ion/Polymer Charger with 13V Overvoltage Protection

MILPITAS, CA - May 21, 2007 - Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC4067, a monolithic linear power manager, ideal diode controller and standalone battery charger for portable devices and battery backup systems. The device can receive power from a USB source, wall adapter or a battery. It features PowerPath(TM) control that provides power to the peripheral device and also charges a single-cell Li-Ion/Polymer battery from the USB bus or a wall adapter power supply. Internal overvoltage control circuitry is onboard and provides 13V protection on the input when used in conjunction with an external P-Channel MOSFET. The LTC4067 automatically reduces battery charge current as the system load current increases, ensuring that the programmed input current is not exceeded. To maintain full battery charge when the bus is connected, the IC directs power to the load rather than extracting power from the battery. Once the power source is removed, current flows from the battery to the load through an internal 200mOhm low loss ideal diode, minimizing voltage drop and power dissipation.

The LTC4067 can charge the battery at a high 1.5A rate for fast charging when powered from a wall adapter, or can be limited to 20% or 100% of the full-scale resistor-programmed value via external pin selection, to comply with USB input current limit specifications. The battery float voltage is preset at 4.2V with guaranteed 0.8% accuracy over the full industrial temperature range. Additional charger functions include thermal regulation, automatic recharge, NTC thermistor input, trickle charge and bad battery cell detection.

The LTC4067 is housed in a tiny, low profile (0.75mm) 12-pin 4mm x 3mm DFN package. It is guaranteed for operation from -40°C to 85°C. 1,000-piece pricing starts at $1.70 each.

Summary of Features: LTC4067
Battery Charger/PowerPath Manager:
o 13V Overvoltage Protection Controller
o Full Featured Battery Charger with 4.2V Float Voltage
o Up to 1.5A Programmable Charge Current
o Thermal Regulation Maximizes Charge Current Without Risk of Overheating
o Internal 2-Hour Termination Timer from Onset of Voltage Mode Charging
o Automatic Load Switchover to Battery Power with Internal Ideal Diode & Drive Output for Optional External MOSFET
o NTC Thermistor Input
o Bad Battery Time-Out Detection
Programmable Input Current Limit:
o Single Resistor at CLPROG Pin to Set & Monitor Input Current
o Low-Profile (0.75mm) 4mm X 3mm 12-Lead DFN Package

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