Power Management Software offers streamlined OS, security.

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Sentry Power Manager (SPM) v4.2 helps companies achieve green initiative goals by monitoring and managing multiple devices in IP-based enterprise networks. It provides global view of power distribution units with ability to monitor, trend, and report on temperature, humidity, current, and device status. Features, in addition to diverse security options and SNMP polling, include trendable fields for outlets, infeeds, and temperature/humidity and power.

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Server Technology Launches the Next Version of Sentry Power Manager with New Streamlined Operating System, Interoperability and Improved Security

Sentry Power Manager (SPM) Patch 4.2 Upgrades Reporting Capabilities on Power Consumption, Temperature and Humidity

RENO, Nev. -- Server Technology, Inc., the industry leader for Power Distribution Unit and Power Management Solutions, today introduced the latest version of the Sentry Power Manager (SPM) software, version 4.2. "We're excited about the new, innovative power measurement features in this next version of SPM - we've listened to our customers and continue to evolve the product with superior engineering," said Brandon Ewing, president of Server Technology. "Measuring power consumption and delivering on green initiatives are incredibly important to our customers today. SPM gives them the tools to make significant power management business decisions easily," said Ewing.

This new version of SPM contains a streamlined operating system for faster operation and provides the most accurate data logging using industry standard trending methods. Improved security options include login lockouts for security, blocked creation of certain user names that could take advantage of the system, SSH support over Telnet support, SSL support, and per user lockouts for invalid password attempts. Other feature benefits of v.4.2 include improved trap handling, increased size of email fields, new trendable fields for Outlets, Infeeds and Temperature/Humidity and Power. SNMP polling is more efficient with less network traffic, and the system can now configure for Celsius or Fahrenheit in displays. The new SPM also provides support for 3rd party power distribution units (PDUs), including APC, Geist and Raritan.

About Sentry Power Manager (SPM)

SPM is a power management product designed to help companies measure their power usage and achieve their green initiative goals. SPM is engineered for monitoring and managing multiple devices in IP-based enterprise networks. SPM provides a global view of power distribution units with the ability to monitor, trend and report on temperature, humidity, current and device status.

About Server Technology

Server Technology, Inc. designs and manufactures intelligent power distribution units and power management products for enterprise data centers, service providers and branch office locations. Founded in 1984, Server Technology is recognized as the leader in innovative, intelligent power distribution, remote power monitoring and power management and measurement. The company is committed to helping companies reach their power consumption and green initiative goals. Server Technology is headquartered in Reno, Nevada with worldwide distribution and regional offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and Singapore and can be reached at (775) 284-2000, or on the Web at www.servertech.com.

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