Power Management Products help increase electrical capacity.

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StacoVAR® products help commercial and industrial operations efficiently use electrical capacity by correcting poor power factor and eliminating harmonics problems without significant upgrades to electrical systems. Low-voltage (240-600 Vac), stand-alone power factor correction and harmonic mitigation products can be built as customer-defined, application-engineered systems. Products can also be integrated with switchgear and motor control centers.

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StacoVAR® Power Factor and Harmonic Correction Products Provide Additional Electrical Capacity

Dayton, OH - A new line of Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Mitigation products from Staco Energy Products can help facilities to expand their operations without significant upgrades to their electrical systems. The StacoVAR line of products help commercial and industrial operations more efficiently and effectively use their current electrical capacity by correcting poor power factor and eliminating harmonics problems. This can eliminate the need for extensive electrical system upgrades when expanding operations.

A standard line of low-voltage (240-600 VAC) stand-alone products meets many power factor correction needs. In addition, Staco Energy can build customer defined, application-engineered systems. Staco Energy also offers power electronic based products, including switched capacitors and dedicated active filters, which represent the newest technology in compensation solutions. Optional bundled systems that include voltage regulation, UPS, surge protection and power conditioning also are available. Products can be integrated with switchgear and motor control centers, to further optimize power delivery.

"Correcting power factor can benefit virtually any facility by lowering utility bills," says Chuck Gougler, Director of Business Development. "Properly managing power factor and harmonic environments can increase effective plant operations," continues Gougler "Correcting power factor yields ongoing economic benefits as well as short-term payback."

Staco Energy Products Co., headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, is a major provider of voltage control, power conditioning, power factor/harmonic correction, and UPS systems and technologies. Since 1937, Staco has provided business and industry with practical solutions to meet a wide range of power demands.

Staco Energy's new line of power factor and harmonic correction equipment can now be purchased through Staco Energy's nationwide network of sales representatives, or by contacting the factory directly by phone at US toll free 866-261-119, by fax at 937-253-1723, or via email at sales@stacoenergy.com.

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