Power Inductors stay cool in high-frequency applications.

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Low Loss Series 2100LL, 2200LL, and 2300LL High Current Toroid Power Inductors incorporate MAGNETICS Kool Mµ® or equivalent toroid core. Distributed air gap cores are made from ferrous alloy powder, enabling component to maintain low temperature rise at elevated frequencies. Available in horizontal and vertical mounting configurations, units feature inductance range of 1-1,000 µH, self-shielding design, and temperature range of -55 to +125°C.

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J.W. Miller's New High Current Power Inductors Stay Cool in High Frequency Applications

GARDENA, Calif. - Aug. 10, 2004 - In response to the increasing number of high frequency applications and the associated problems resulting from undesirable temperature rise, J.W. Miller has introduced the new Low Loss Series 2100LL, 2200LL, and 2300LL of High Current Toroid Power Inductors.

Over the past several years, applications have continued to increase in frequency from as low as 100 kilohertz to as much as 500 kilohertz. In high frequency applications, core losses of powdered iron can contribute towards undesirable temperature rises, resulting in poor product performance, and even complete component failure. "The new series addresses these issues and solves the basic problem by preventing the core from getting too hot," says Andy Chow, J.W. Miller Chief Design Engineer.

The key to the new low core loss inductor is the material of construction. The LL Series design incorporates a MAGNETICS Kool Mµ® or equivalent toroid core. These distributed air gap cores are made from ferrous alloy powder. This enables the component to maintain a low temperature rise, making it suitable for low losses at elevated frequencies.

The new series is available in both horizontal and vertical mounting configurations for complete installation versatility. Typical applications include switched mode power supplies, DC/DC converters, output chokes, power factor correction, EMI filters and energy storage. These applications can be found in a variety of industries including appliance manufacturing, computers and computer peripherals, and in automotive and medical technologies.

The new LL Series features through-hole mounting, excellent operating efficiency, compact design, and high current capacity. Other performance characteristics include self-shielding design and an operating temperature range of -55 to +125°C. Inductance range is 1µH - 1000µH with a 34A maximum rated current. Custom inductance ranges are available upon request.

The LL Series measures 0.86" in diameter x 0.45" (Model 2100LL), 1.10" in diameter x 0.55" (Model 2200LL), and 1.28" in diameter x 0.65" (Model 2300LL). Pricing is from $2.00- $2.75 each depending on value and production quantity. Delivery is 4-6 weeks.

J.W. Miller offers a full line of high-quality surface-mount and through-hole coils, chokes, inductors and transformers for short run or high volume production requirements and maintains a large inventory of standard components for quick delivery. Engineering assistance, product samples and custom designs are always available. J.W. Miller products can be purchased through the company's global network of distributors and manufacturer's representatives (see the web site for locations). For more information: J.W. Miller, 306 E. Alondra Blvd., Gardena, Calif., 90247; Tel: 310-515-1720; Fax: 310-515-1962; E-mail: lpalmer@jwmiller.com; Web Site: www.jwmiller.com.

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