Power/Harmonic Clamp-On Meters have 1,000 V CAT IV safety rating.

Press Release Summary:

Rated for safe operation at building electrical supply source, IP54-rated Models 407 and 607 offer wirelessly data extraction via Bluetooth technology and perform standard measurement of volts, amps, frequency, resistance, and continuity. Units also measure TRMS Voltage and Current as well as AC+DC with Min/Max/Avg and CF display. Further able to measure all types of InRush, meters are capable of 3-phase power simulation and also measure/display THD in volts and amps.

Original Press Release:

AEMC® Introduces the NEW Power & Harmonic Clamp-on Meter Models 407 & 607

The ONLY 1000V CAT IV Clamp-on Meter on the Market!

The AEMC® Power Clamp-on Meter Models 407 and 607 provide a new standard for safety and measurement capability not available in any other clamp-on meter sold today. With a safety rating of 1000V CAT IV, these meters are safe to operate at the source of the buildings electrical supply.

Additionally, the Model 407 and 607 are able to wirelessly extract data stored in memory via Bluetooth communication technology. With these features you have an additional layer of safety for the operator, eliminating the need to be constantly in environments which would require the operator to wear PPE clothing. In addition to the standard measurement of volts, amps, frequency, resistance and continuity, these meters offer several unparalleled features including:

· Measures TRMS Voltage and Current and AC+DC with Min/Max/Avg and CF display
407 - 1000VAC/DC, 1000AAC/1500ADC
607 - 1000VAC/DC, 2000AAC/3000ADC

· True InRush(TM): Unlike other instruments which only measure InRush when the installation is first powered up, the 400 and 600 series clamp-on meters measure all types of InRush, even those due to load increases on an installation which is already up and running (this is an exclusive AEMC® feature). Both Peak and RMS InRush values are captured at a 1ms sample rate and 100ms duration windows.

· Power: These unique meters are capable of measuring power in the megawatt range down to 1W resolution. Real, Reactive, Apparent Power and PF/DPF are simultaneously displayed.

· Three-Phase Power Simulation

· Harmonics: Measures and displays Total Harmonic Distortion in V and A. Both THDr and THDf are displayed and can also measure and display individual harmonic data out to the 25th in both % and value.

· Records up to 1000 datapoints.

Add to this an IP54 environmental rating and you have a truly unique meter focused on user safety, as well as measurement performance.

Cat. #2139.51 - Model 407 .................... Price: $450
(TRMS, 1000VAC/DC, 1000AAC/1500ADC, W, Continuity, Energy,
Harmonics, Power, THD, Recording)

Cat. #2139.61 - Model 607 .................... Price: $550
(TRMS, 1000VAC/DC, 2000AAC/3000ADC, W, Continuity, Energy,
Harmonics, Power, THD, Recording)

· Electrical maintenance
· Electrical power distribution
· Safety lighting system maintenance
· Automotive test troubleshooting
· Industrial maintenance
· AC or DC motor testing
· Power plant troubleshooting
· Commercial, industrial, residential & HVAC troubleshooting
· Power panel, junction box and battery bank measuring
· Electrical testing and troubleshooting on non-linear loads, such as adjustable speed drives and computers

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