Power Entry Module Now Features Screw and Snap Mounting Options

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The power entry module series DD12 from SCHURTER, Inc. is now equipped with more mounting options and an integrated ground line choke suppressing high-frequency interference. It is available in a compact housing featuring an appliance inlet with a 1- or 2-pole fuse holder, an on/off switch and an EMC filter. The power entry module is ideal for medical equipment requiring low leakage filters for increased safety but is also applicable to IT equipment. The DD12 is certified according to both the IEC and UL/CSA for currents up to 10 A/250 VAC and 8 A 125/250 VAC respectively.

Original Press Release:

DD12 Filtered Power Entry Module with Extended Mounting Options and Integrated Ground Line Choke for Optimized Suppression of HF Interference

Santa Rosa, California, July 25, 2018 – SCHURTER extends its successful power entry module series DD12 with screw and snap mounting options. An integrated ground line choke for suppressing high-frequency interference on the ground conductor is also a newly featured option.

The DD12 all-in-one fuseholder, switch and EMC filter offers remarkable functionality in a very compact housing. It combines an IEC C14 appliance inlet with a 1- or 2-pole fuseholder, ON/OFF switch, and standard or medical low leakage filter. The wide metal flange (horizontal or vertical), or metal snap arms for panel thickness up to 8 millimeters, optimizes filter and shielding effect.

Ground loops arise through different impedances of different ground line connections in one or multiple pieces of equipment. While all ground connections have the same potential level for the 50 Hz load current, these can have different potential levels for high-frequency. The ground line choke, which is wired between the power-inlet connector and the filter output, smartly addresses this phenomenon. Because of its placement directly at the power line input, high-frequency interference currents on the ground line are prevented from bypassing the filter through the equipment housing. The ground line choke isolates the equipment chassis against high frequencies and the equipment ground from power line ground. This approach effectively breaks any possible ground loops.

Audio equipment for instance is known for being prone to ground loop problems. Often referred to as hum or buzz, the DD12 with ground line choke is well suited for suppressing interferences that lead to diminished sound quality. The DD12 is also well suited for medical equipment required to use low leakage filters for increased patient safety according to IEC 60601-1. The ground line choke helps to improve upon the asymmetric attenuation due to the reduced Y capacitance. Other applications include equipment that requires particularly high immunity such as IT equipment according to IEC 60950-1.

The DD12 series is certified for currents up to 10 A/250 VAC according to IEC and 8 A according to UL/CSA at 125/250 VAC. It is ENEC and cURus approved. Pricing for the DD12 complete with fusedrawer starts at $23.12 each per 100 pieces. Packaging is 10 pieces per box. DD12 data sheet link is https://schurter.com/en/datasheet/DD12. For sales and product information, contact Cora Umlauf at (800) 848-2600 or by email at info@schurterinc.com.

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