Power Distribution Units deliver up to 100 KW output.

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Providing clean AC and DC power in one integrated assembly, Power Distribution Units are suitable for CT scanning, X-ray imaging, and critical industrial applications. Units include comprehensive digital remote power monitoring capability that can diagnose and fix power quality issues. Shielded isolation transformer protects against incoming common mode noise, while transient protection prevents equipment damage due to line spikes. In addition, single system ground point simplifies wiring.

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Spellman High Voltage Electronics Introduces New Power Distribution Unit

Hauppauge, New York - Spellman High Voltage Electronics announces the introduction of its new Power Distribution unit (PDU).   Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation’s PDU capabilities provide custom power distribution units which deliver AC and DC power for high performance CT scanning, X-Ray imaging and critical industrial applications. Spellman’s power conversion expertise can provide custom DC supplies up to 100 kilowatts in output power.

Spellman’s PDU’s can proactively eliminate the trouble and expense of downtime due to power quality issues. The PDU provides the clean AC and DC power that today’s applications demand, in one integrated cost savings assembly. Sophisticated comprehensive digital remote powering monitoring capability can monitor, diagnose and fix power quality issues.

For additional technical information the custom PDU series contact Spellman at www.spellmanhv.com/PDU

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Spellman High Voltage Electronics is the world's leading provider of high performance, custom and standard DC high voltage power converters and Monoblock® X-Ray sources for medical, industrial, semiconductor, security, analytical, laboratory and under-sea cable power-feed applications. As a global supplier with strategically located design and manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, Spellman is committed to providing best-in-class support to OEM customers and end-users throughout the world.

Additional information on Spellman and their wide range of high voltage products is available at: www.spellmanhv.com

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