Power Correction System eliminates voltage sags and flicker.

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Based on IGBT technology and suited for welding equipment, REACTIVAR® HYBRID VAR Compensator provides real-time power factor correction, voltage support, and harmonic suppression in networks with highly cyclical load profiles. Unit offers 8 ms reactive current compensation for transient or cyclical loads, and infinitely variable control of reactive current. Heavy-duty dry capacitors provide no risk of fluid leakage, no environmental pollution, and no need for drip pans.

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New Square D Power Correction System Boosts Reliability, Cuts Costs

REACTIVAR® HVC tapped for technology award by Frost & Sullivan

PALATINE, Ill. - March 2, 2004 -The Square D REACTIVAR® HYBRID VAR Compensator (HVC), from Schneider Electric increases electrical network reliability and decreases operating costs. The REACTIVAR HVC provides real time power factor correction, voltage support, and harmonic suppression in networks with highly cyclical load profiles. It has already created a stir in the electrical industry, having garnered an innovation award from a leading consulting firm.

Specifically designed for the instantaneous support required by welding equipment, the REACTIVAR HVC eliminates voltage sags and voltage flicker, while increasing system capacity. It has proven energy savings and improves weld quality. Voltage sags, especially when several welders are energized at the same time, can cause poor weld strength resulting in scrap or the need to re-strike seams, which slows production. A 15 percent voltage sag equates to a 28 percent reduction in power delivered at the weld tips. Because the HVC begins injecting reactive current within the first half cycle of detection, it addresses the voltage change instantaneously, eliminating voltage sag and flicker.

The REACTIVAR HVC is a custom engineered product designed for specific power factor correction requirements. It has ultra fast - within the first half cycle (less than 8 milliseconds) - reactive current compensation for transient or cyclical loads, and infinitely variable control of reactive current.

The REACTIVAR HVC is the latest innovation of Schneider Electric's Power Quality Correction group. The group's expertise in power factor correction has earned Schneider Electric industry recognition recently; in January it won the 2005 Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation. Frost & Sullivan, a consulting firm focusing on growth consulting and corporate training, chose Schneider Electric based on the technological superiority of the REACTIVAR HVC. The Frost & Sullivan award recognizes the ability of Schneider Electric to successfully develop and introduce new technology, formulate a well-designed product family, and make significant product performance contributions to the industry.

Key features of the REACTIVAR HVC include:

Heavy duty dry capacitors that provide no risk of fluid leakage, no environmental pollution and no need for drip pans.

Iron core reactors de-tune or tune the network to prevent resonance and remove up to 50 percent of the 5th harmonic, when required.

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) based power electronic technology

Constructed with removable 12 gauge steel panels over a 12 gauge steel frame. Indoor Type (NEMA) 1units are finished with ASA 49 gray polyester paint.

The REACTIVAR HVC consists of both passive and active components. The passive component may consist of capacitors only or include tuned reactors. Depending on the application, the passive portion may include contactor or solid state switching to permit some adjustment of the passive elements. The active component is provided by Schneider Electric's AccuSine® Electronic VAR Control (EVC). As fast as load demand changes, the HVC matches the need with electronic adjustment by an AccuSine EVC.

For more information about the REACTIVAR HVC and other Square D products from Schneider Electric, call 1-800-392-8781 or visit us.SquareD.com.

Headquartered in Palatine, Ill., the North American Operating Division of Schneider Electric had sales of $2.5 billion in 2003. The North American Operating Division is one of four geographic divisions of Schneider Electric, headquartered in Paris, France, and markets the Square D, Telemecanique and Merlin Gerin brand products to customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. In the United States, Schneider Electric is best known by its flagship Square D brand, with Telemecanique becoming increasingly known in the industrial control and automation markets and supported by many Square D distributors. For 100 years, Square D has been a market-leading brand of electrical distribution and industrial control products, systems and services. Schneider Electric is a global electrical industry leader with 2003 sales of approximately $9.9 billion. Visit Schneider Electric at us.SquareD.com, www.us.telemecanique.com or www.us.schneider-electric.com.

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